Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Me, me, me

When I was on my mission I had a really fun and funny companion. As a missionary you are supposed to lose yourself and serve others. It's great! Really!

And most of the time we tried to.

And did.

But with this companion, we went through a phase where we had this running joke between just us, that while helping others was nice, what I really wanted to talk about was ME! As we sat in our apartment eating lunch we would randomly throw out a phrase in the conversation like, "Enough about you, let's talk about ME." or, "I'm interested in what you have to say--about ME!" These phrases were best delivered in a snooty, slow, almost whiny kind of voice. It would usually digress into some serious laughter punctuated with the mantra, "Me, me, me!"

Sometimes when I ponder the whole Blog thing, I pause. I hear that old companion's voice in my head drawling, "Meeee, meeee, meeee!" And it cracks me up. And I continue blogging. And today I present the ultimate 'Me, me, me' post. Because this is a blog post about a book that I made out of my blog posts. AND I LOVE IT!!!

I went to and 'slurped' the first 4 months of my blog. This site loads your blog and puts it into book form. You can then go through and edit it (add pictures, change formats, delete weird-rambling-type-posts, etc). I did it ages ago, got kinda frustrated and left it, then finally finished it about 2 weeks ago. Then yesterday the fedEx man brought me a package. A most wonderful package. ME, ME, ME! I have a fun friend that does book reviews on her blog and I thought I'd do that too. So here is the review of my blog book! It's all about ME!

This is my first blog book, but I am hoping to make many more. I want them all to be uniform, so I felt pressure to get it right. Some stuff I did, some stuff, well, not so much. I selected the largest size (11x13) and I like it. Very coffee table bookish. You get to select a picture for your cover and I decided to use the header that would have graced my blog while the posts in the book were written. I used the title of my blog and the dates that are found in the book. I called this one Volume I. You can choose between the type of cover that has your picture glued down to the actual book, or you can go for a plain book with a dust jacket. I went glue.

I forgot to format the title page correctly. Bummer, but not too crazy terrible. April should be on the next line-good thing I fixed it for the cover.
Here's a little tip: On the copyright page (page after title page) there is a little space where you should fill in your name. It even says "add name here" so you don't miss it. Oops. I missed it.
Then it was on to the book. My book. My blog in my book. My My My...
There are premade templates for you to drop your pictures into. Big pictures look really great. Small pictures are still big enough to see them well.

You also get to choose either a 'theme' for the whole book, or individual backgrounds for each page. I went with individual. After I ordered it, I was afraid it would be obnoxious, but seeing it all booked up, I really like different backgrounds for different events. Our whole family reunion (lots of pages) has the same color background. I think it ties each event together without being too choppy. If we didn't have multi-page events, I think it would be obnoxious to have all different backgrounds. I prefer the subtle colored pages to the bold geometric ones.

There are a few things I did not like about blurb. They have a limited number of templates that just didn't go well with my blog's writing/picture combos. They have recently updated the program and you can customize your layouts. I like that idea-I would have liked more flexibility. Overall though, I would have to say I LOVED being able to slurp my blog into book form. I don't scrapbook and although it was expensive, I found it to be relatively fast and easy. I think it was worth it to have a nice hard copy of what the BigG Tribe is up to. I ordered my second book before getting this one. I used a 'theme' and got a dust jacket for the same sized book. I am excited to compare. But what I am really excited about is slurping the rest of my blog!


Josh, Kristin, and Taylin said...

That is so neat!! I didn't now there was such a thing out there! Those books would be awesome to have around! Really cool "family history" to pass on!

meegz said...

i'm motivated:)

Team Caldwell said...

OK- So that is about the COOLEST thing EVER! Don't tell my mom cause she'll bug me 'til she dies or gets one! Thanks for the idea. how long would you say you need to set aside to take on such a task?

Laurene Ross said...

Isn't it fun! I love I like to think it is all about us. Some of the thoughts...well most are mine, and what a great thing to leave for your kids. Thoughts on life and the gospel. Really it is wonderful. So keep up your me books I love it!

I know the expense, but those scrap-bookers out there do spend a mint on some things. I am just trying to figure out if I should get a book for each kid. Then they all have the record. Pricey I know. I have to think on this. Have fun slurping:)

Cajsa said...

Hey, thanks for the info! I never knew. I scrapbook (used to anyway...who can keep up?!) and it cost a fortune and not to mention the time! This would be awesome. I think I'm going to try it. Thanks Mitch!

Tony Sorensen said...

I have a feeling that your "fun and funny" companion had an even "funner and funnier" companion. Your writing cracks me up. I absolutely rolled with laughter on the "Farm Skills" boat backing story.