Monday, September 14, 2009

I Felt Weird

We had a really great weekend in Arizona. We went to Gilbert with the whole family for my neice Jacqueline's baptism. We also used the trip to move some of my MIL's stuff to a new rental house she is moving into. It was a fun but quick trip. We arrived at midnight on Friday and it was still 95 degrees! Wowza! Good thing I love the heat.

In Gilbert there are lots and lots of Mormons. Lots. They are everywhere. And they are multiplying! And Jacqueline's baptism was evidence of that. Because of the large numbers of 8 year olds being baptized in the stake, they cannot all have their own service so they have one Saturday a month when all of the new 8 year olds are baptized. So we went to the 2nd of 3 sessions that day to see Jac and several other darling kids be baptized. Because it is a Stake thing, the Stake Primary Presidency gave the traditional talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost.
This is the part where I kinda started to feel weird.

Not because of the baptism, it was delightful. Jac had cute little ringlets in her hair and my kids all wanted to hug and congratulate her. It was all super sweet and very unweird. The weird part came when the Baptism talk was given. Again, not because it was a weird talk, it wasn't. It was nice-very kid relatable and baptismish.

The weird factor came in because I knew the girl that was speaking. In fact, I felt like I knew her really well. That happens all the time in LDS culture though, right? I often expect or hope to run into someone I know from an old ward, or my mission, or BYU, or some other Mormon-mixing subculture. You see familiar faces in unexpected places.

And I did.

And it was weird.

It was weird because the girl I recognized has never laid eyes on me and wouldn't know me from Adam (why do we use Adam in that phrase anyway? Anyhoo). But like I said, I felt like I knew her. I even knew stuff about her family. And her travels. And even her trials. You have figured it out haven't you? I know her from her BLOG. That's right. She's a blogger! I have another dear friend, Lisa, who lives in Gilbert and she told me about this blog that her good friend Shawni writes. And Lisa was right when she said it's really a fun blog to read. It is! I like it! I even have it in my 'Links I Like.'

So I was shocked when there she stood, speaking at my neice's baptism!

Of course I wanted to go talk to her, but I felt.....well, weird.

But I did it anyway. And she was really nice and very gracious about the whole 'I read your blog' thing. But I figured she would be nice, because I read her blog. And she seems, well, nice. As I was talking to her I told her that it was strange to me that I was just meeting her but knew a lot about her. She just kinda smiled and said something gracious. Ya, I felt weird. Really weird.

So tell me, all you bloggers out there (or at least the two who read my blog occasionally), should I feel weird? Or is this just a twenty first century kind of thing that I might as well get used to? I tried to think if I were Shawni, I would think it was kinda fun to meet someone that read my blog. At least I think I would like it. Unless they were really weird and wanted to hang out and stuff. But I am snooty, so that's not a fair gauge of the rest of you bloggers. Is a blog friend the same as a normal friend? It seems like you would have to read each other's blogs or something before lunching.

I guess that was what was so weird- I knew lots about her, but to her, I was a stranger. I suppose it's a new and evolving phenomenon, this whole blogging world! But I do like it! I enjoy reading different blogs, though sometimes I don't comment because I don't want to be intrusive, or something (??). Although if I read and don't comment, it's really not any less intrusive. Hmmm. I just don't know all the etiquette of stranger blogs. I really enjoy comments from people I don't know-I think it's fun! I guess I am just not sure if everyone feels that way. And is it OK to actually TALK to someone IN PERSON without ever first introducing yourself on a blog comment???!! So any advice for this weirdo on blogging friendship would be welcomed.

And thank you Jacqueline for inviting us to your baptism. I loved it! Weird blog moment and all!


April said...

This is HILARIOUS! weird, but one of my best friends here in houston, her husband's sister is married to shawni's brother. I have never met shawni, but this friend told me about her blog and I LOVE it! I read it all the time, and I would feel exactly like you if I ever met her. (I've never linked her blog on mine, cause I feel weird, cause I don't know her, but I did notice the link on your blog one day):) I have no idea what the etiquette would be either, I'd probably be just like you, and feel a little weird!:)

meegz said...

I have started commenting on Shawni's and she on mine -- I think it helps us not to feel weird when we meet --- cuz, obviously, we will meet:). Then we have actually "spoken" to each other instead of one of us stalking the other (yeah, I do a lot of stalking too:)) Anyway, I stalk Shawni a heck of a lot more than she stalks me, but now at least she has commented on mine a few times and I feel like we've "chatted" :)

I am going to be making camera straps (a great new business I'm creating:)) and I want to have Shawni help market --- now THAT'S weird!!:) But it's a thought that's come to me a few times.:)

She took my friends pics here in Utah, when she was here once, and only chatted with my friend for a few hours, but now they chat as if they've been friends forever.:) Ang's family pic is even in her book!:)

BTW, you should comment more, can't believe people would think it was intrusive...they like to know who's reading.:)

Love you!

meegz said...

and by the way, holy cow on the amount of LDS peeps in Gilbert!! Many of our kids have their own service -- even here in Utah!:)

Lucy said...

It's always weird at first. It definitely makes it less weird if you comment, then it's not totally out of the blue. I've met some really, really great people from blogs and they have become real life friends. Still, there are others I have only commented on but hope that someday, I'd get to meet them.

I'm sure that isn't the first time that has happened to her. Isn't she a daughter of the...oh...I can't think of their name right now! That couple that does lectures and writes books about parenting? I even went to one of their firesides once. Gah! Can't think of it. Anyways, I have a friend in Spokane that has even read her. So, again, I don't think it's weird. But, if you like her, you should comment. everyone likes comments!

Glad your weekend was so fun. I have had your popcorn machine in the back of my van since Thursday! I think Seth, who has bonked his head against it more than once, would appreciate it if I returned it. As you and your fellow popcorn eaters might:)

ShelleyG said...

April, you would really like her because she is TALL! I actually had to look up to talk to her-now that was weird! :)

I actually saw a comment you made on her blog Megan! That is too funny that we all "know" her!

I thought of you Lucy when I actually talked to her because I knew that you had met your blog friends in real life! but I think you commented back and forth first! :)

Laurene Ross said...

I agree comment more. I think this blogging thing can be a blessing and a curse. All things in moderation I guess, but I feel like I have been able to get to know you more from your blog and the comments you leave on mine, Kim's, Keryn's your Mom and Dad's.....

I always have felt like an outsider in your family and I guess it goes with the territory, but this has been a way to let you guys know what I am all about and for me to see life from your eyes. I really have found that we are really all the same. We have the same wants, desires, needs. We all love our family's. We all love our Savior and we want to be happy.

I feel more connected too, because let's face Skip is not to forth coming with any info he gets, so I am on my own....

Brooke said...

This makes me laugh because I had a similar moment with your Hubby at Bryson and Bethany's baby blessing back in July. John came up and said Hi and that it had been awhile, and I gave him this puzzled look, thinking, "Really, I see you all the time" and then in response to my thoughts, babbled something to the effect that I keep up with your blog, so it hasn't been so long for me... Yeah, I felt like a dork and I am sure he thought... WIERD!! :)

Mimi said...

We had stake baptisms for 8 year olds like that in the Bay Area when the kids were growing up in California.