Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He's a Professional

Have I ever mentioned my husband is a professional driver? He is. Technically. Or, he was. Pretty much.

Although he has become a pencil pusher as of late, he actually used to get out from behind a desk. And when he did, his favorite thing to do was drive...2 wheels, 4-wheels, 6-wheels, belt drives, propellers, it matters not. Heavy equipment, cars, snowmobiles, boats,dirtbikes, streetbikes, jeeps, you name it. And he's good at it too. Freakishly good at it.

Here's the proof. That is him at the SEMA show in Vegas at the BFGoodrich booth. They were one of his big sponsors and paid him to compete in Rock Crawling Events. So by definition (since he was paid), he is a professional driver.

Although he loved it, he was gone an awful lot. So, a few years back, he retired. I was surprised at his choice but he seems to be content. Of course as his loving wife, I have been trying to help him keep him fresh and current with his driving abilities. This means I try to roadtrip whenever possible, and I let him be the driver. I know, I know, I am one big bundle of kindness. Look how nice I have been lately:

The first weekend in September he drove me to Albuquerque so we could fly to Dallas for my nephew's football game (we didn't want to fly from Durango or it would have eliminated that glorious drive time). The second weekend we drove to Phoenix for my niece's baptism and to move some things for Grandma Kristine. Because of Grandma's stuff, we got to tow a trailer. I am sure it brought back memories of all those competition weekends, towing his jeep around the country. I bet he really enjoyed all that time behind the wheel in just 3 days. Then we actually stayed in town for a weekend. So weird!  And I'm sure somewhat sad for my driver. Last weekend we just had a short roadtrip over to Pagosa Springs for a football game, but I think it was enough to keep his skills sharp.

This Sunday he took off with Grandma and the trailer once again to take the last of her things as she moves to Arizona. He was supposed to come home Monday, but didn't get out of town in time to make it the whole way. He drove the rest of the way home this morning which means he got to drive and drive 3 days in a row! Except for the loss of feeling in his bum and legs, I think he was pretty pumped.

OK, OK! I know I am not fooling ANYONE! Including myself and my dear hubby! He has had to drive a TON lately and I am really feeling for him. Driving hours on the highway is certainly not as fun as creeping up cliffs or ripping through the desert.

OK, and now I really will leave it there for the day! I will finish on the morrow.

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