Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I do so enjoy when I find cash in the washing machine. I think of it as a little tip from some member of my family that appreciates me cleaning, sorting, and folding their clothes. Ususally it's a shiny quarter or a dollar bill. It looks like someone is really sharing the love today!


meegz said...

dang girl, all i ever get is marbles, gum, coins, and maybe an occasional hair clipee!:)

meegz said...

PS...I know you want one of these...come and get one. Oh, wait, I need to make some first!:) Check back soon!


The Webber's said...

I love it!! And especially love the fact you took a picture and made an entire post out of it :) I guess it's true - the more children you have the more you are rewarded, haha!