Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandma's Big Move

Grandma Kristine has moved to her new place in Arizona.   She is renting a home just 2 blocks from Kip's house.   She is treating it like a winter vacation and I hope she enjoys it.   I have mixed feelings about it.    She told us she wanted to move there, so we put the wheels in motion.   But there are also days when she has second thoughts.   And my kids have had days when they cry thinking about her leaving.  
She has been preparing for the move for months and it has been very hard.   She has had to sort through 40 years of boxes (she saved, really...everything).    Many of the items have sentimental value as they came to her from family and friends that have passed on.  We have listened as she shared memories and stories and when just John is around, she has shed a lot of tears.    It has been difficult, but I believe it was a good exercise to get rid of much of the stuff.

We moved a good chunk of her furniture down to AZ a couple of weeks ago, but there was still plenty of stuff to fill the truck and trailer. We were up late Sat night sorting the last few things, then they all took off after church on Sunday.

I am hoping she enjoys her time by Kip's family. I hope she enjoys the warm weather. But I think I also hope it isn't permanent. I think she will always be the Colorado Grandma. And we will miss her. We love her! Have a good winter vacation Grandma-don't stay away long.

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Brooke said...

She is the NEATEST lady! You guys are so blessed to have her, as you know! She has been a special friend to so many people here.