Saturday, September 19, 2009

Full Saturday

It was a full and busy Saturday.

We are having an issue with our well. My dear husband had to go outside and hold some switch so I could shower-what a champ. Here is how we are currently brushing our teeth. I am pretending it is fun to pretend to be camping here in our home. What I didn't take a picture of are the many blue water barrels we have in our year supply-all sitting empty. Oops. We'll be working on rectifying that.

So ya, Seth is still doing football I guess. Apparently I was the only one that was done with it when he broke his arm. If you look close, you can see him on the end with his arm wrapped in a thick pad. We got killed, but it was a lovely warm day.

I hooked up with these lovely ladies and we went Parade-of-Home-ing. Fun. I do so enjoy real estate belonging to others.

When I got home all of the men of the house were putting up some 'for sale' signs at Legacy Ranch. Maybe we will sell some land-that would be a strange and lovely thing.

Tonight we went to another friend's home to see BYU get stomped, but it was great company. While I am usually glad to have lots going on, I do murmur sometimes when it gets really busy. But I love how it feels to fall into bed after a full Saturday.

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Lucy said...

Your Saturday sounds eerily similar to mine (football, parade of homes, BYU game). I didn't have water issues, though, AND I got to sleep in on Sunday (hee hee). It's all good, right?!