Friday, August 28, 2009

Tonight's High School Game

Tonight after Seth's football practice, we decided to attend the Durango High School football game. DHS games are just what you would expect in a small town. John and I sat down, waved to lots of folks we know, and watched our 3 oldest kids run up and down the stands with their friends.

While my body was in Durango, my mind was on another football game. A whole state away, my nephew Ty was taking the field in a big game. He is the starting QB his Senior year at Bingham HS up in Utah. And tonight they were playing the team (Alta HS) that beat them in the State Championship last year (Ty was JV.) Although he has faced this Alta team since his time in Pop Warner, this was his first time taking the Varsity helm against their biggest rival. It's pretty much one of those games-the BIG ones. The ones you mark on the calendar and go early to get your good seat. The local papers thought it was a big enough game to put it on the front page of the sports section (Ty got a 1 inch by 1 inch pic.-love it!!). Kim links to some fun stuff here. So ya-it was a little dramatic with all the run up!

I texted Kim from the stands of our HS game.

M: Go Bingham good luck xo Michelle

As our game got rolling, I couldn't help but wonder how the Bingham/Alta game was going. So I sent another text.

M: Score?

K:28'14 alta

I gasped. Well, maybe it was early. So I typed again on my non-texting freindly phone.

M: Is it half yet?

K: 4 min

Wow. It was worse than I thought, only 4 minutes left to play. That was bad. Should I console? No, I thought I should show solidarity in frustration.

M: Aaaaaaaaa!

I figured I'd call her tomorrow and get the details on Ty's first loss. Yes, I did say on his first loss. He hasn't lost a game as QB. Ever. I know, weird.

A few minutes later I noticed another text had come to my phone. Blast! How long had that been there? Why can't I figure out how to make it vibrate a whole bunch when I get a text or something? The cheerleaders were drowning out the 'knock' sound it makes to tell me a text is in.

K: Same score at half. Yikes. Ty is doing great though.

OK, it was only 4 minutes left in the half!! That is completely different. There was still hope!! At that moment I wished i had a better phone for texting. I am not one to really text often, but I was feeling frustrated as I kept passing the letter I wanted--and punctuation? Well, that required me going to another screen. Lame. But I wanted to convey our excitement and hope.

M: I thought you meant 4 min left in the game shweew next half is all blue yeah

Soon another text came. Well, I think it was soon, I didn't notice it for a good 20 minutes. Darn it. Still couldn't figure out the 'vibrate when a text comes' thing.

K: Ty has hit 3 guys in the chest and they dropped the passes.

My obvious response,

M: Crappity Crap Crap

At this point I could hardly contain myself. We knew 2 families sitting by us and it was about this time I told them why i couldn't stop checking my phone. I got another text.

K: 21 28 start of the 4th

M: This is killing me U must be a wreck aaaa

My emotional tension was so not fitting in with the game I was watching. Durango was killing the team they were playing and although it was nice to see them winning, it was a very mellow atmosphere. Our friends started asking if i had anymore updates. Soon it came.

K: We just tied it up. Yahoo


I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn't take my eyes off the phone. Another text came.

K:35 28 Bingham!!!

I was so excited! I was so mad it was so hard to do exclamation marks with my phone!!!! !!!!! !!!! So I texted,

M: Yeeeeeees! hold em

Doing several e's in a row is a pain as well--I guess I could have gone all caps-- why didn't I get a blackberry? Or a cool sliding phone? Ugg! I decided I should play it cool. If they stayed ahead, they would be so excited and all in-the-awesome-moment. So I didn't want to bug. And if they didn't stay ahead, then i REALLY didn't want to bug. But oh, I was soooo anxious and excited!! Only 4 short minutes later, I got this.

K: We just made a field goal. 52 seconds.

Awesome!! That meant Bingham was up by 10 with less than one minute left. I could figure it out from there.

M: We never doubted it

Durango was going into its 4th quarter and it looked like a sure win. But the football game I was following was over. And we WON! After excitedly announcing the win to our friends, we gathered the kids, and I bee-bopped out of the stadium.

Congratulations Ty and Bingham! Thanks for an exciting game. Next time I need to have a better phone. :)


Kim said...

The Bingham game recap has been on every local TV channel and in every newspaper but, yours was the BEST! xo

Kelly said...

I heard it was a great game. I wished I paid a little more attention before it happened. We don't know anyone on the team this year, but we do know a minerette. Should have gone. :( Go Miners!