Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tomboy Bride

Today I got to attend our ward bookclub. We have been reading "Tomboy Bride" by Harriet Backus. We met at Sis. O's house and she had a tea party for us. She invited a woman from the historical society who came and pretended to be the Tomboy Bride and she told us about her life. She even had an authentic costume and a cool, big hat. I thought it was a super fun twist on discussing a book. It was delightful!

The think what most impressed me about this author (Backus, the Bride) was her good attitude. She lived in the basin above Telluride, CO. The conditions they lived in were extreme and harsh, yet she seems to take it all in stride and was a very happy woman. I often complain or look at other's 'green grass.' I need to be more like the Tomboy Bride and count my blessings. I need to make the most of what I have. Too often I am distracted by the 'what if' of life. With a world as wide open as ours, I often forget to focus on where I am and ENJOY it! That is a key to happiness-loving what you have!


Lucy said...

I thought having her there made the book club especially enjoyable. Fun afternoon!

Placido Domingo said...

I find the key to happiness is wanting what I don't have and being jealous of everybody else that has stuff that I would really really like. Just Kidding.


Lucy said...

Just in case you didn't know...that was my Jay. Still friends?