Saturday, August 8, 2009

Biker Gang

Today was Saturday. The first Saturday in a looooong time when we had nothing to do. Nada. Zero. No games, no appointments, no pressing chores, no play dates, no exotic vacations.

It was weird.

And awesome.

After sleeping WAY in, we all got up and worked together to clean up the house. Not even super clean, more like an intense tidy with a dash of vacuum.

So there we all were before noon with not a single thing to do. Of course for the Big G Tribe, this would never do (although if it were just me, I think I could have managed).

We decided to load up the bikes... all 7 of them... and head to Santa Rita Park to hop on the River Trail that runs through our town.
It is a trail that goes along (you guessed it) the river. It is beautiful! And I have to admit that it was so, so fun for me to have ALL of us riding our own bikes! My kids are getting old which means I must be getting old... but I digress.
John snapped this picture of us.  As you can see, the River Trail runs along the train tracks for a while too.   We got in line shortest to tallest.  I am wondering if next summer, I will still be taller than all of my kids!
Our riding was not without a goal.  We were heading to the County Fair.  The fair grounds just happen to be along the River Trail too.   We checked out all of the livestock.  

Grandma and Hank met us there.   We spent an obscene amount of money for a few ride tickets.  

Sidenote: Carnies are an interesting and creepy crew.  
Grandma gave all of the kids some cash so they could win these awesome inflatable weapons.  How charming.
John puts his hands up on the big swing.  Jebb was smiling for the first two passes, then as it got higher, he looked rather distressed.  Oh the joy of the carnival rides.
Then there's the carnival food.  Cotton Candy-thanks for that too Grandma! ;)
After spending our kid's college savings so they could each go on two rides, we decided to call it good.   Grandma wanted to take us to dinner so we hopped back on the magical River Trail which happens to run past an Applebee's!   

On the way there, the train went by!  How cool is that?!  John and the other kids saw it go by from a bridge spanning the river.  How picturesque is that?  Oh well, Jackson and I were a little behind-good thing Jackson is pretty picturesque too. 

Dinner was great and we all made it back to the truck with no major mishaps.


Sometimes we forget to take advantage of the beautiful tourist town we live in. I think I could do with a few more Saturdays like this!


Laurene Ross said...

This sounds so fun. I love how you all road bikes. Awesome!

Lucy said...

You have a picture of your child eating cotton candy! I'm so jealous. Of course, I saved myself a bundle by NOT having this photo op, which would have been accompanied by loads of expensive rides etc., but it just looks so perfectly summer.

Way to be an adventurer. Looks fun.