Friday, August 14, 2009

Fall Football

This picture is a reflection of how the last weeks of August have been for us for the 4th year in a row now. G&S have both participated in 'YAFL' which stands for Youth...something....Football League. Maybe Athletic? Associated? I don't even know!! How silly of me. Ahh well. What it really stands for is 'Me Sitting At the Football Field for Hours Upon Hours Watching Football Practice Every Stinking Night.' Although that would be 'MSAFFHUHWFPESN' and although that's not the name of the program, that is certainly how it feels.
Especially during the first two weeks. When it's every night. Monday thru Friday. Two Hours each night. Waiting. Watching. Spacing out. err, I mean...Encouraging in a loving, nurturing, and cheering manner.

This year only Seth (6th grade) is in YAFL, as Gabe is in 7th grade and now plays at the Middle School. Sadly, the 6th graders practice at Miller Middle School which is downtown. This leads to a great deal of driving and because practice is 5:30p-7:30p, it also means we eat lots of fast food, or as I like to refer to it with the other kids, lots of fun picnics with Taco Bell Soft Tacos.

But we do it. Because football is fun. Or something like that. I brought the camera so I could document and later prove to my boys that I was an involved parent. I put on the big lense so it would give the impression in years to come that I watch closely and attentively. Tonight John met us at the field for our 'fun picnic' and I actually had a really enjoyable night.

To entertain ourselves we played in the grass...
And we even threw the ball around a little ourselves. Jackson and Jebb enjoyed playing catch for a while before they took off to play with the other younger siblings that hang at the field.

Gabe actually threw the ball around with me for a long time and It was flat out fun (for me anyway!) Check out my SWEET form on that throw. Wow, that must be where my kids get their athleticism. I am just a freakin' natural....or just freakin'!
OK, OK, let's be honest. It's not hard to see where they really get any good genes.... is that tall buff guy hot or what?! He just oozes football-ness. And he's cute too!

It's not that I wasn't paying attention to football practice, because of course I was, attentive parent that I am...but I sure enjoy it when I get a little diversion from it now and then. If J&J both decide to play I only have 6 more years of this...


The Childrens Nest said...

Michelle you are awesome!! Look at you playing in the field with your adorable boys! I love it! Thanks for your super sweet comment today! I am so needing a "go out on a date with friends night"!! Let me know when you can do it!!!

Lucy said...

Wow. You mean, you get out of your car and play? I was sitting there this week (in my car) wondering why I was being such a hermit and not out on the lawn joining in with the chatting among all the other parents. I think I'm shy. Or completely uninterested in my fellow human beings.

Anyways, I'm just trying to cope each day. Maybe, after I've been doing it for three years, going on my fourth, I'll look like I'm having fun while coping. Strong work.

ShelleyG said...

No-I do not usually play. Usually I stare. and doze. and sit. Hence the post-it is unusual for me. John took the pics of me without my knowledge, so I had to post em to trick my kids 50 years from now.