Thursday, July 2, 2009

To Ouray

This afternoon we loaded up the Pinzgaur and cruised to the beautiful mountain town of Ouray, CO. It is slow going in the Pinz, but with these types of trips it is definitely about the journey. To get there you drive to Silverton which is absolutely gorgeous. Then it is lots of pretty from there as you go 20+ more miles along the 'Million Dollar Highway' among the mountain tops. There you find Ouray tucked into a valley surrounded by rugged peaks. It is breathtaking.

Ouray is a quaint town with victorian buildings and lots of local flavor. This artist stood out on the street and painted. The kids dug it. Elise and I shopped around while we waited for our friends, the Kofords, to arrive. They came from the Utah side of Ouray. We all had fun swimming in the pool at the hotel which is heated by hot springs.

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Mimi said...

I love Ouray too...contemplated trying to find a way to live there until I was told you don't EVER see the sun till about 11AM because of canyon thing. Still love it tho. Clint and I went there for our honeymoon