Saturday, July 11, 2009


I wish computers had Smell-O-Vision...or, uh, eScratch and eSniff or ...something? I don't know what you would call it, but I wish I could bottle the scent this lily is giving off and send it out for you to enjoy. Or you could just have to come to my house--anywhere upstairs-- everywhere upstairs.

I picked this today and put it in a pink plastic cup on the kitchen table. The cup is not very asthetically pleasing, but the bloom makes up for it.

When Gabe walked in from riding his dirtbike this afternoon, I asked him if he could smell anything.

"Uh, fuel." He did kinda smell like fuel.

No. Not HOW do YOU smell--can you smell anything in the house?

"OH. Ya. Hey that smells good. What is that?"

It was actually a blossom from a plant Gabe had picked out of the nursery this spring. He smiled and said, "Wow, I have good taste."

He's so 12! Nonetheless, he really did pick a delightful one! I hope it multiplies next year!! Maybe there will be Smell-O-Vision by then...

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motorcross-cutiebug said...

ha ha... that sounds like it smells wwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy GOOD!!!! by the way I cannot wait to go to lake powell with you guys!!!!!

-katie koford