Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lake Party w/ Gillelands, Martins, and Hannays

Sunday afternoon I got one of my wild hairs (hares? heirs?). We knew the Hannays would be going to stay with the Martins for a little lake fun and we were frankly feeling a little left out. So after church we threw some swim stuff in a bag, hooked up the boat, and took off to join the party.

Monday morning we slathered on the sunscreen and headed out. The Hannays also brought their boat, so we both launched from Antelope Marina and cruised up to Padre Bay. Man oh man. Talk about the perfect lake day. I don't think it could have been better. Warm water, sunshine with the occasional cooling cloud, and the scenery-ah, the scenery. It was SO beautiful!

Thank you Kim for this collage that I stole from your blog! Our kids were on the Hannay boat most of the time so I am lacking in the picture dept. on some stuff. It's always a delight to snake someone else's collage.
Seth loved wakeboarding this year.    Poor guy is like me and prefers warm water.  Yes!! Lake Powell was in the high 70's!
We found an awesome cluster of red rocks.    There were several sticking out close to the shore like little islands that the kids swam back and forth to.   The cracks in the sandstone have been bleached out by water over the years and we christened it Zebra Rock.    This will forever be the spot Jackson caught and tormented his first lizard.  He took hunting lessons from Bowen.
The Hannays parked their boat near the Sand King where we found this shady spot by a canyon wall.   Nice in the late afternoon.   I am even whiter in pictures-thanks for capturing that fact on film (er, on memory card) forever dear husband.
Gabe and Jebb on our boat giving John advice on how to drive I am sure.
Zebra Rock was the perfect place for us to have lunch and eat all of the fried chicken that the Hannays bought.   Thanks guys for feeding all of us! :)
My nephew Eric shows me his super strength by crushing this Caprisun with his bare hands!  He is the strong silent type.  :)
Jebb loves his cousin Rex.  I had to get a pic-once again on Zebra Rock.  Look how beautiful it is with the rocks and water!  Love it!  Cute kids too!
Ty (my nephew and athlete extraordinaire) was really a better wake skater than this, but I just love this pic of his feet.  
Seth and Corbin.   These guys love to hang out.  Poor Corbin had a broken arm but didn't let it slow him down.
Nat, Gabe, Otis, and Theo jump off of Lone Rock-Crazy Kids!
Nate hangs ten.  Well technically I guess he isn't hanging ten, but he IS surfing behind the boat...
Kim and Steve pose for me-what good sports they are!
Gabe surfs.  And surfs.  And surfs.  We finally had to tell him he had to crash once in a while or we weren't giving him any more turns.    He tried some new stuff and crashed impressively.

Monday on the lake was so much fun that we stayed and went out Tuesday too.   Uh, see above pictures and pretend they are in Warm Creek and you will have a good idea of how it went.   (OK, a couple of the pics ARE from Tuesday, but whatever...)  It was SO SO SO fun and beautiful.  Thank you so much to the Martins for letting us crash their party and their pad.  They are always such good hosts.   We love you guys!   

It was a beautiful and fun two days.  The drive home Tuesday was tough as John and I were both so tired from all the sun and fun (and those huge RD's oreo shakes we got as we left)--you know how you try to force stupid conversation so you don't fall asleep?  Ya-that was me asking about gravel to keep John awake as we drove home.    We all fell into bed with smiling faces and sunkissed skin.   What a perfect trip!


Keryn said...

Gorgeous pictures. I really love the one of Ty's toes. Sounds like you had a marvelous time!

ShelleyG said...

It was divine, but would have been better with more Rosses!!! Are you guys planning any roadtrips anytime soon?