Friday, July 17, 2009

Jackson is 6

Jackson is one year older and wiser too. Happy Birthday... to you! OK, I will stop singing. Today is Jackson's 6th birthday and I was really starting to worry I would have an issue with 'Expectation Management.' By this I mean that what we were doing was not what he was expecting.

Yesterday I dropped the little guys off with Grandma on my way to Farmington. She pulled me aside and asked me to please buy him a present that she could give to him. Hmm.

The expectation: Jackson told me long ago that for his birthday Grandma promised him "Wolverine Claws." This is apparently a glove with Wolverine-like blades protruding from them. How nice. That tops the Hulk Hands he wanted last year. I actually heard him at one point giving her direction on how to find them. He told her "Grandma, you go to Walmart and go in the door by the flowers. Walk for a little bit then turn left (or 'yeft' as Jackson doesn't always pronounce his L's). Go a little ways and you will see the Wolverine Cyaws." Grandma assured him he wouldn't be dissapointed.

The Reality: Target in Farmington is OUT of Wolverine Claws--or Cyaws. I bought PJ's and an action figure with Wolverine, but my concern was obvious.

The Save: John to the rescue got up early this morning and the Durango WalMart is NOT out of WC's. Shwew. Expectation Managed.


The Expectation: We told Jackson we would take him bowling for his birthday. Seems simple enough. My sister called him today to see what his plans were. He explained in great detail how when you go bowling on your birthday, there is this girl that brings you a special birthday bowling pin and you have this really cool party there. He had details. His friend Cooper had done it and that was his expectation.

The Reality: John managed to sneak away from work a little early to take Jackson, Jebb, and myself bowling. Just the four of us. One lane. Low key. No special pins. The snack bar wasn't even open yet.

The Save: We let each guy pick out his own 'special' bowling ball. After John creamed us all (I should have used the bumpers) we got a bunch of quarters and hit the arcade. We let Jackson try his luck with one of those claw machines that I think rip you off...he got not one, but TWO toys on his second try! I stand corrected. Then on to a little air hockey and a video game. Five bucks in the arcade = Expectation Managed.


The Expectation: Jackson let me know around noon that he was planning on having a sleepover with Cooper and Elias. Once again, he had plans on where they would sleep and when they would eat cake and the like.

The Reality: I knew Cooper was sleeping at another kid's house tonite and I don't even know Elias' last name, let alone how to get a hold of his mother. Gabe and Seth need picked up tonite from Scout Camp and we weren't even going to open J's presents until tomorrow. The cake is not yet made. I am going to get those presents wrapped here anytime.

The Save: We had dinner at Denny's (his favorite). I bagged up the wolverine action figure and PJ's so he could open one present tonight and the rest tomorrow when the big boys are home. He was thrilled! Once again, Expectation Managed!


The truth is that Jackson has been a champ today on his birthday. When things weren't how he envisioned them, he took it in stride and had a terrific attitude. Very impressive for a 6 year old. I need to follow his good example better and learn to roll with it!!

Jackson is a delight to have in our family. He is creative and kind. He is best friends with his little brother Jebb. He always has hugs and kisses to spare for me. He is bright and he is good. When he says his prayers at night he remembers people and things that I forget. I love him! Happy Birthday Jackson!


Mimi said...

Did you put the heading in so you won't forget to add the verbage later:)? I need your literary talent to appreciate Jackson's 6th birthday!

Brooke said...

Isn't it great how resilient kids are? He is looking so grown up, and it cracks me up that he made his own plans and told you afterwards what he was 'going to be doing'! That is EXACTLY how Jasper acts these days. Must be a 6 year old thing! I'm glad it was still such a fun day for you all.