Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Our Anniversary

Today is our anniversary.

14 years.


It kind of freaks me out-but in a good way! ;)

No big trip this year because we will be at Powell next week and someone has to actually go to work to earn a living.

But you know what? I don't mind even a little bit.

We got to hang out this afternoon and after taking care of various kid stuff, we went to dinner at Ariano's (one of my fav. Italian resturants). It was delightful, and even kinda romantic.

(...cue Jack Johnson music here...deep sigh...)

Because we were together.

We did exchange gifts. He got me some fun jewelry and I got this...
Because for us, This is the Place where it all began 14 years ago. I was pretty ga-ga. I thought he was the ideal man.
Over these last 14 years I have realized that I was RIGHT! Even though he is not perfect (sorry to reveal that on my blog and all...), but he is the ideal man-for ME! It's pretty cool, because not only are we still in love, but most days we still really like each other. We are certainly different in a lot of ways, but I decided a long time ago that it must just mean we are a good balance for each other.

Last month we went to our niece's wedding at the SLC Temple and we had lots of time to sit and hang out together. We talked about how fun our wedding day was for us. All of the friends and family coming together to help celebrate the start of a new family. It was dreamy! We chuckled at the innocent and naive smiles my niece and her new husband had. We wondered if we had known back then everything we would go through together, would we have still gotten married?


Although there have been days I really wondered, I know I wouldn't trade ANY of the things we have learned together--good and bad. So Happy Anniversary John-you are still THE ONE!


Keryn said...

That was beautifully written, Michelle. Thanks for being such a great example to all of us.

Lori said...

Congrats to the both of you....I must agree that you are an amazing couple and you do so much good for others around you!! Heres to another 14 years!!!!!!!

Johnny g said...

Shelly g - thanks for making me look so good all these years. You are what I need. I like you and need you. You are the best part of me! I love you xox!!!

Sue said...

I love your pictures. You guys really are a dang cute couple. (and well said, John)

George and Eva Ross said...

Awesome post! You are great together! We love you both.