Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Fourth

This Forth of July I felt like we were living in a neighborhood with all of the kiddos running around. It was great!!

We felt lucky to have the Kofords stay a little longer after our excursion to the mountain tops. Over at Grandma's house she had some visitors too. Kip and Jess arrived from Gilbert, AZ and brought along their friends the Allens. The Allens have been here a couple of times and they always bring their UTVs--and 6 kids! The Big G Tribe was in heaven.

Everyone went rafting on the Animas through town. It is a whitewater trip, but the rapids are very tame. The fun part really is just being together. I stayed home with the littles, but I sent my camera.

I got this amazing bag too today. Did I get it at some downtown boutique you may ask? No, my talented neice Megan made it for me. Isn't it adorable? I know my photo doesn't show it very well, but you can see more about it HERE. It is definitely something I hope to copy! :) Her kids went down and rode the lazy horses. Libby is darling (the boys are cute too...)!!

There was some pond swimming by the kids later in the day, but I was being a lazy daizy and didn't get any photos. I am hoping to get copies from one of the more hands-on parents that were actually there. Fireworks in Bayfield-same story on the photos. Shooting off our own fireworks by our shop (AKA small children playing with fire)....ditto... I was a no show. But I heard it went well with only a few minor finger burns and whatnot.

I love our country. I love my family. I love our friends. I am blessed to live in a place where I can worship and live how I choose. I love the Fourth! God Bless America.


Lucy said...

Nice to catch up with you. Looks like you have been having one party after another! I want to play! I hope you don't run out of steam before I get back...:)

meegz said...

my OWN spot on the blog. Oh goodness, I'm so flattered.:) You really didn't have to...:)

Thanks for hosting us for our short visit -- we hit Mesa Verde and Arches on the way home --- texted Jill for the last part of the trip --- both of us wishing we were not driving at 11PM.:)