Saturday, July 25, 2009

For the Birds

We live in the country. We have lots of trees. It's a great home for birds around here. Mostly.

Sometimes the little birdies around here get so excited as they flit along that they mistakenly judge our windows to be open passages into our home. For some reason, this time of year, we have birds that crash into our windows several times a day. If you aren't expecting it, the loud THUD they make on the window can be quite unnerving.

Birds fly pretty fast in these parts. Depending on the size and velocity of said birds, there can be a variety of results. Sometimes they are stunned. They make IMPACT, skip a few flaps of the wing, but then they pull it out and make for a tree branch-disoriented, but all right. It's almost comical to watch if it weren't so darn pathetic. Other times we only hear the THUD and are left to wonder if the bird that left behind feathers and a dusty outline will live to fly another day.

Sadly, today, I was out in the back yard looking for strawberries when I heard the tell-tale THUMP on the high picture windows. When I turned to see the aftermath, I saw our sorta-wild cat POUNCE on the fallen, though still alive, bird!! The horror. The humanity. The lunch for my cat. It was just a little too Animal Planet for me and I had to go inside leaving the wild beasts to their uncivilized ways.

So be warned little birdies-don't be tricked. You CANNOT fly into our living room! Go enjoy the summer air away from my house. And oh ya, while you are at it, stay out of my strawberry patch too.


Mom's Thoughts said...

Speaking of birds, remember the woodpecker you and I have heard pecking on metal utility poles? We thought they weren't too bright, well it turns out they do it on purpose. It is a mating thing and they want to make lots of noise. We have heard several around here lately rat-a-tatting on the light poles. I haven't been able to sneak out quick enough for a picture.

ShelleyG said...

We have a woodpecker that bangs on our fireplace pipe too. That must be why! It is really annoying early in the morning. Woodpeckers are not my favorite! :)

Team Caldwell said...

hey! quick question. we were having presidency meeting tonight and a member of the bishopric came in to tell us about people moving into the ward (we need people- so they keep us in the loop!) and he was mentioning a family we gor records for and he said i can't pronounce it and spelled it and I said, "it's pronounced gilleland!" So any chance of relation to a gilleland familt from Orem headed to good 'ol El Paso?! Just checking and I thought you could appreciate someone not knowing how to say your last name!