Monday, June 1, 2009

Together Again

I have missed John and Gabe. We were at the Hannay's Sunday night for a BBQ when they arrived. It was so good to see them walk through the door in their motorcycle duds. I think Gabe grew a few inches. And dang-John is a good looking biker with his cute little technical BMW jacket-wowZA!

Today we did a family together outing. We visited the Kennecott Copper Mine AKA the largest man-made excavation site in the world. It was amazing! Because we too are open pit miners of sorts (too bad our pit just has gravel instead of precious metal ;)) John was especially interested. He made the comment that it was SO COOL and wondered aloud why we had never gone there before. I really enjoyed it. Mostly I just loved us all being together again!

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meegz said...

i think those husbands are much more handsome when we're not around them for a while. (did I just say that outloud? :))