Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Shenanigans

Tonight Gabe and Nate (Hannay-our cousin) decided to cut their hair. This was a phenomenon brought on by bored young teens stumbling on hair clippers. OK, it is also the start of the summer sport season-short hair is the preferred style. So ya, they buzzed away in the back yard unsupervised.

For comparison, I posted this not-very-good picture from yesterday. I was taking shots as we waited for Lauren and Devin to come out of the temple. It appears that Nate is taking a picture of the inside of Gabe's mouth, but I could be wrong. This gives additional insight to the creativity of young minds left idle. Anyhoo. There are Gabe and Nate in their long-locked glory.
Here is Nate's version of 'The White Trash Mullet.' I found it to be freaking hullarious! He did eventually shave the lower portion as well, but not without leaving a little rat-tail to braid behind one ear. It too eventually succumbed to the clippers, but not before providing a lot of laughs.

Gabe's haircut proved to be, um, interesting, for another reason. Before he embarked on his buzz, I advised him not to go to short on top. But the 12 year old always knows best. The reason became clear as hair fell away revealing a unique phenomenon. Gabe truly is his father's son and has a little thin spot in the front of his hair.
Ah-the fun of youth! Gabe is quite horrified at his hair but I encouraged him to take heart and enjoy it while he can! :)

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meegz said...

we used to buzz out boys hair when they were young...mainly because they have such cute heads and hated haircuts, so it made sense. Anyway, one year we did it a little too short and then headed the poor boys up to camp for the summer. The little cuties were sun burnt and mosquito bitten from ear to ear. OUCH!