Monday, June 15, 2009

Strawberries, Superheroes, and Stuck in Sand

We have quite the bumper crop of strawberries this summer. We had the Johnsons over for a BBQ and homegrown strawberry shortcake. With these guys picking them, you know they had to taste super! We had a delightful evening hanging out and enjoying their company.


Gabe has started working this summer at the gravel pit. He is the official cleaner-upper. So today was his first day. He was SO, SO excited. John gave him a ride to work and Hank was lined up to return him at the end of his day of hard labor. Around quitting time, we got a call from Hank asking if he and Gabe could stay a little longer and ride their dirtbikes (they coincidentally had both of their bikes at the pit...lucky, strangely lucky). I agreed to a half hour.

As you can imagine from the above photo, we had a delightful dinner with friends, fun, and fresh going on (you know, as in fresh strawberries-kind of a stretch? oh well, I like all words to begin in the same letter...). We BBQed, we enjoyed yummy salad with candy coated walnuts, we tidied up, we picked and prepped for glaze.

All of this took far more that the allowed 30 minutes. John had received a phone call earlier allerting us to the fact that Gabe had gotten stuck in the old wash pond. This is a spot in the pit that we have now learned is pretty much 3-4 foot deep quicksand. Don't ask. (Don't most small businesses have a quicksand zone? No? Hmm. Oh. OK, well. I guess we are just special...) So ya, Gabe was very stuck. Extremely stuck. He was apparently down in the pit trying to dig out his bike and when he tried to step forward, the sand pulled him back in.

Hank took some pictures and kindly let me share...

They eventually had to hook the loader up to it to drag it out.
He got home just before dessert, and this is what I saw:
Did I even have to waste my breath in asking how his first day of work was? If you don't know the answer, you don't know Gabe. So how did he say his first day went? "It was so awesome Mom! I loved it!"


Lucy said...

Oh my, those pictures of Gabe are priceless! Not what I was imagining a quicksand pit to look like at all. Wow.

I hope the gasoline smell is gone. And I hope all your sickies are feeling better.

Thanks for the food and fun. We had a great time.

Keryn said...

So the question is: did you let him in the house to clean up, or did you make him use the pond? Or the hose?

motorcross-cutiebug said...

I think if that would have happened to me I most likely would have started making mud pies,cakes and stuff like that. (I would have gotten very extremely BORED while waithing for someone to get me out of the mud)

-Katie Koford :)