Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pedicures and...what the h*#$ have I done?

With Lauren's wedding less than 24 hours away, all of us girls decided to have a little fun and treat ourselves. We made appointments for nail stuff-you know, manicures, pedicures, la la la. It was pedicures all around. Lauren got acrylics for her wedding and Kim had to go home to sew (now that would make a good post if she ever starts her own blog...). Nicole, Elise, and myself decided, heck, it's a wedding...let's go a little nuts. So the three of us stayed and got manicures as well.

There were only 2 ladies in the shop, sisters from Vietnam. They were fast, good, and quite the saleswomen. I about laughed my guts out when the sister who spoke the best English told Nicole to follow her into another room. She laid Nicole back and waxed her eyebrows! I laughed really hard because she never even discussed it with Nicole and because Nicole went along with it! She emerged from the little room with somewhat red, though lovely, shapely brows. Her eyes were quite large and we continued to giggle as we raised our eyebrows at one another when no one was looking.

This same Vietnamese woman kept asking me if I was ready for my eyelash extensions. She had a sign that proclaimed they were done here and I had asked about them. She even had a women come in for an eyelash 'fill' and she called me into the before mentioned room of wax so I could talk to the eyelash recipient. I held out. On the eyelashes. But I gave in on manicures for myself and Elise.

Now let me say, I am a country girl. A simpleton. A plain Jane if you will. It's just my way. I have had manicures and pedicures, but not very many-so this was a treat. But I figured, heck, it's a wedding right? Let's get our nails done all around!! And it was a treat. I felt like our Vietnamese ladies were channeling Dolly Parton and Darrell Hannah while we were Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Shirley MacClaine, and Olympia Dukakis (Steel Magnolias...the salon scene...except not hair, and not in the South...) So ya, a salon full of sisters just primping for the wedding. Loving it!

We were wrapping up when, I mean, our little salon lady, asked me once again if I was going to get my eyelashes done. Maybe I was feeling like I WAS in the South, because I said, "OK, I'll do it!" Elise squealed in delight.

So we went into the waxing room where I laid on a table under a bright light. Dolly started by taping my bottom eyelashes to my face. Elise took a picture (where does she get the idea to do that?). I was uncomfortable. The tape kinda poked my eyeball. But beauty isn't painless, so I endured.
Dolly asked my if I wanted long, medium, or short. I am a middle of the roader, so I went middle. So she began. She began super gluing eyelashes to my current eyelashes one lash at a time. The super glue stunk. And burned. Like 'burned my eyeball' burned. But no pain, no gain, right? So I endured. It was for the wedding, right? One by one, she glued. And I burned. I tried to look side to side with my eyelids still closed. Elise would laugh and tell me she could see my eyeballs moving.

Elise was sure close. And the room was a little too warm. These toxic fumes can't be good for my lungs. I was feeling claustrophobic and a little panicked.

But I put my trust in Dolly. Part way through she told me she had decided to go with 'long.' Hmm, well Dolly, you know best. Were we almost done yet? She put a little fan blowing on my eyes to keep away the toxic super glue fumes. OK, I can handle this a little longer. Finally Dolly was done and I opened my eyes. OUCH! I think the fumes just gave my eyeballs chemical burns!! No problem said Dolly, just hold this little fan on them until they dry more. OK. Elise gushed about how beautiful they looked, so I quietly held the fan while Dolly removed my tape.

So ya, I got eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions. Who even gets those? You are supposed to keep them up (kind of like acrylic nails). I'm so not doing that! How would I even be able to do that in Durango?! Dolly told me how to remove them if I decided to and I continued to fan the fumes out of my eyes. But I have them now for the wedding. The fumes finally stopped burning and I was able to drive home to show my husband (who BTW laughed hysterically that I had done something like that). Fun right? I guess we'll see. They are certainly LONG. Oh Dolly, should I have trusted you? I guess I'll just have to enjoy it and bat my eyes a lot!


Mom's Thoughts said...

Wow! I am the one who needs the eyelash extensions! I would loved to have been there!

Lucy said...

Part of me wants to say, "You got shnookered," but your eyelashes looks great! And Nicole's eyebrows as well. The toes are phenomenal. These are salesladies at their best. It sure beats the pedicure I had here in town where not one word was said to me (they just tapped my leg when they wanted me to change feet).

You look like zsa zsa gabor...but in a good way.

Enjoy the wedding today! What a happy time.

Jan said...

AWESOME! Way to go! I am actually proud of you - I don't know if I would have had the guts!

I have never even heard of eyelash extensions... I wonder how they would look with my CLEAR eyelashes??? :-)

hendywow said...

Haha, I love it! You look great, i think it's great that you tried something new~!