Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Eyelashes Have Fared Well Over the Last 20 Years

This weekend we went to Page for my 20 year HS reunion. 20 years. Really? 20. 20. I am a little freaked out. I only went to PHS my Jr and Sr year, but it is where I always claim to be 'from.' I had a ton of fun at my 10 year reunion even though I was 7 month pregnant with Elise (our 3rd). So I was really looking forward to this reunion. I never did get to my whole diet/excercise program I was wanting to do before going, but luckily (?!) I just finished my pnemonia diet-lose 10 pound in just 2 weeks-no excercise required. (Not a diet I would recommend to anyone, by the way...)

John had a terrific attitude and even picked out a shirt for me to wear (I of course will never trust his opinion again, since in all of the pics I look prego with #6-which I am certainly NOT!). He found a sweet new shirt at some weird shop in Page-so ya, Happy Father's Day on that shirt babe-love ya! :) We were all dressed and ready to go, but I have to say, I was feeling a little bit nervous...which surprised and bugged me. I feel like I have gotten over all that teen angst stuff, but I was still apprehensive. OK, honestly, my giant fake eyelashes don't help. I mean really, they are so huge. Sorry to digress back to this topic, but really, what in the h*#% am I supposed to do about these things. I was afraid to remove them for fear that I would be without eyelashes all together for my reunion. So I kept them. Long and Fake. Ugg. Oh well. It was too late now. I just tried to go with the flow and enjoy hanging at the Gunsmoke Saloon.

Friday Night meet/greet/eat at the Gunsmoke.
Lisa, Dabrielle, and I. Good Times!
I am still a little traumatized that I won the award for the most kids. Me and this other gal each managed to have 5 kids! Yes, I am obviously emphasizing this fact to the crowd...
Here's our group shot. Ya, I am in the back (I am still tall).

Overall, it ended up being a good night. It was great to see some old friends and catch up a little. In High School, I never won anything like Homecoming Queen or Class President. Starting with 6th grade, I was always just the 'new girl' at school (we moved a lot). Sidenote: I did win 'Craziest' my Senior year-go figure? Anyhow. I just have to say though, as I sat there in the Gunsmoke with my hubby hanging and chattin' up my old classmates, I felt like the Queen of you-name-it. I realized just how blessed I am. I have a patient, loving husband and 5 kids that I really, really adore. We have our hang-ups and challenges just like everyone else, but really, I know the Lord has kept us in his care. It was a really good feeling! :) OK, I just want to emphasize the fact that I was not comparing what I had to anyone else-I think it may have sounded like that, I was just thinking of all the ways my life could have gone. I have had innumerable paths I could have taken over the last 20 years-I am just really grateful for the way it has all ended up so far.

The Gunsmoke wasn't the end. On Saturday there was also the Picnic in the Park for families of graduates. it was fun to see how we are multiplying.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Thank you to our fabulous hosts, the Martins. My sister Nicole and her family live in Page and they always welcome us into their home and feed us too much yummy food. Between RD's oreo shakes and Nicole's yummy cooking, I am well on my way to finding those 10 pounds I lost. I better watch it because next year is the multi-year reunion. You know you are getting old when they just invite the whole decade (the 80's) to the party! I just hope to have my own eyelashes next year....heehee


motorcross-cutiebug said...

I just thought that I'd tell you, your fake eyelashes do not look that bad at all!!! :D

-Katie Koford

Lucy said...

It looks like a fabulous weekend. I bet you knocked them out with your bette davis eyes. Glad you're back!