Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lessons in Driving

When crossing the Reservation, be sure to slow down between Tees Nos Pos and Kayenta.    Highway Patrolmen often hang near Baby Rocks.     We learned that Patrolmen will pull you over if you are speeding.    They are often curious what your speedometer was reading.   They seem interested to know if 'with these big tires' you thought you were going as fast as their radar said you were.     They don't let you off if you have 5 kids and one crazy wife crammed into the cab of your fast truck.     We learned that you can go to jail for driving more than 20 mph over the posted limit of 65mph.   Fortunately, the last lesson was only a verbal one.   We also learned that Patrolmen have a heart and will sometimes write you up for only 10 mph over the limit and won't make speeding drivers learn firsthand about the inside of a Reservation Jail Cell.


Brooke said...

BUMMER!! We've been through that way MANY times and never been stopped! They probably just wanted to check out the cool boat and truck! :)

motorcross-cutiebug said...

that happened to my friend natalia... she just agreed with EVERYTHING the officer said and he didn't even write her a ticket!!
-katie koford