Saturday, June 27, 2009

If I had run Cross Country

I am not a runner.

In high school I played tennis and did the high jump. I always participated in church basketball and volleyball. But I never enjoyed running. Ever. Frankly, I just stink at it. Lung capacity is not my strong point.

But if I had run Cross Country in High School, I would have wanted a coach like this guy. Theo Martin-coach of the Page High School XC and Track teams. He also happens to be my cool bro-in-law who lives over in Page with his HS sweetheart that also just happens to be my little sis Nicole.

Every year he takes his XC team on cool adventures which he likes to refer to as 'Running Camp.' They always are over the course of several days in some beautiful location. This year he brought 7 of his students to Durango. This was after they went to Cortez then up to Telluride. Before arriving at our house in the evening, they all ran Imogene Pass into Ouray where they soaked in the Hot Springs. His good friend Otis also comes along to help chaperone-(BTW-I am a little ticked he is not in this picture! ;))
He has a good bunch of kids and I am sure they are very inspired by Theo because not only is he a world class runner (literally), but he is also a really great person. And Otis isn't half bad either. heehee

I am embarresed to admit that they stayed out in the shop. I invited them in, but they were cool just staying out there-talk about easy house guests!!! I did manage to feed them a little bit between them running, swimming in the pond (brr), hitting the Rec Ctr, more running, and a movie.

Jackson did the BBQing.

The kids serenaded us in the morning.

And then they were off. Coach Martin never stands still and he took them on a run up La Plata Canyon on the way back to Page today. Have fun XC team! See you next year.


Keryn said...

Wow. I did run x-country in high school, and what I would have given for an adventure like that. I always did my best running in the mountains, too--probably because of all the hiking I did as a child.

George and Eva Ross said...

Very intesting! I didn't know that you didn't like running. As your dad I often watched you run. Truthfully, you ran like a cheetah. You were all legs and very graceful. I actually thought you would be a great runner someday. Oh well, your still young.

Your biggest fan!

ShelleyG said...

Too bad I got mom's junky ankles, eh? :) heehee It sounds like a pretty good excuse anyway! I didn't know you were a runner Keryn! It must be in 'in-law' thing! :)