Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Kristine

Today was Kristine's 71st birthday.  We gave her a framed photo from our vacation last year in Hawaii.  We sure love you Grandma!!

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meegz said...

I sure love her too. I could fill pages with memories from Grandma Kristine. She's taught me lots over the years. From teaching me to eat a little because I couldn't sleep (who knew you slept better on a full stomach?), to pouring bleach on my sunburns, to solitaire, to Excedrin(I remember the first time she gave me some before we left for the lake and I couldn't stop talking to Kip the WHOLE WAY THERE...poor guy -- apparently I hadn't gained a tolerance for caffeine yet:)),to driving, you name it, she taught me. Love that lady.