Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Jebb

Today was Jebb's 4th birthday. I haven't told him it was coming, so he is genuinely excited. He is thrilled to be 4 fingers old! We are still in Utah for a few more days, so we went to the Hannay's for our cake and present-opening.

Jebb sits on Aunt Kim's lap to blow out his candles-don't look too close, or you will see they are actually matches.  Oops-forgot candles at the store! :)
Jackson and Jebb turned their 'Flarp' (a can of goo that makes obscene noises) into Hulk Hands.  So resourceful.
Elise got this action shot for me.  I noticed he has taken 4 shots to the chest with the Nerf gun...
Jackson and Jebb sport the new Nerf  Blasters with velcro vests.

These are bubble makers, but they just wanted to pretend they were suckers.

Jebb is my baby.  He is my youngest and I admit I have spoiled him.  I just can't resist it!   He is sassy and sweet.    He is quite fearless and is always trying to keep up with the big kids.   He still loves to snuggle me and often climbs into bed with me during the wee hours of the morning (he is a little heater that snores, and I love it!).   I am SO, SO glad we decided to have 'one more.'  Even though Elise didn't get her sister she was hoping for-Jackson got his very best friend.    I love you Jebb!  Happy Birthday!


Brooke said...

AWWW, Happy Birthday Jeb! I love all the pics of your little boys together, it makes me want to try for another "friend" for Aram (even though I've said I'm done!) They are too cute together!

Sue said...

I'm still in shock that your baby is four! Crazy. Looks like it was super fun. Enjoy the rest of your va-cay. I guess I'll be crossing paths with you as I head up with the boys this weekend.
Hope you're feeling back to normal!

Lucy said...

Happy belated birthday to Jebb. Hen-er-y would love to play with him when he gets back home!