Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Tonight I got to attend the new Draper Temple because my niece Lauren was taking out her own endowment. It is always a treat to attend with lots of family. Sadly, John left his recommend in his motorcycle bag and he had to wait outside for us. I was very sad but it was a good reminder for all of us as to where we want to be when the time comes. ;)

We hitched a ride w/ Nic and Theo. Steve's parents and sister Kristen were there as well as my brother Brad and many of Devin's brothers.
The woman that took this picture for us got way down on the ground to try to get the temple in the pic, but I think we just kinda look like giants or something...heehee
I know this first picture is blurry, but I put it in so you could see the lights of the city.  From the temple the view is amazing!!!

This is (l-r) the Martins, the Gillelands, the Loverbirds (Devin and Lauren) aka Cantwells, & the proud Hannay parents. I'm not sure where Brad went when we took this pic! I will have to photoshop him in next time if he bails!

The temple was (of course) beautiful! I am so glad we have temples on earth. I do not go nearly enough and each time I do wonder why I don't go far more often! I am grateful for the blessings that covenants provide for us. I am very happy for Lauren and Devin!!

I am also thankful for my sister Nicole. My pneumonia has made my right shoulder incredibly painful on some days and she actually had to help me get dressed. We got to use a huge handicapped locker room. I am sure the Matrons were all wondering as we giggled in the stall. I was just so embarrassed I needed help and the dress I wore was not easy to change in and out of! Thanks for the helping hand Nic! Next time I will wear a skirt and blouse. ;)

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George and Eva Ross said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. It helps us feel in the loop for this important event.
Get lots of rest! We don't need you in the hospital.