Friday, June 12, 2009

Back From Camp-Back From Utah

I dropped Gabe and Seth off on Monday at BYU for a basketball camp. You might remember my whole master plan of trying to create positive experiences and happy feelings for the kids at BYU so they will want to go there....anyhoo.

Thursday evening we picked them up as their camp was done and we were all heading home to Durango.
I walked into Helaman Halls, where they have spent the last 4 days. I helped them strip the beds so they could have the Dorm Dude check them out. The Dorm Dude told Seth he needed to take his towels down to the laundry collection place. Seth answered (and I think he will kill me for writing about this someday-at least I hope someday it will inspire SOME sense of shame) that he hadn't used the towels. What? Did I hear that right. My mouth opened, but I didn't speak for a moment. Ya, cute 'stunned' look there Michelle. I looked at Seth, then the Dorm Dude, then back to Seth and asked, "Does that mean you haven't bathed during all of camp?" Dorm Dude laughs. I have another moment when my mouth is open when my brain couldn't quite compute that info. Dorm Dude assures me he strongly encourages all boys to shower nightly. Gabe chimes in that he, too, encouraged Seth to shower.

So ya, ICK! YUCK! Boys are stinky. Sweaty basketball boys are even worse. EEUW! BLECH! Dorm Dude walks out laughing and I finally close my gaping mouth. I looked at Seth and didn't even know what to say. So I said, "Yuck, Seth." to which he just shrugged.
After we loaded the luggage into the truck, we hopped in the car. I made Seth sit in the back seat. (Sidenote: I did eventually come to my senses enough to tell the boys how happy I was to see them. But I admit I did not hug Seth for very long.)

So what the heck? He didn't shower for the whole 4 day camp?! Where have I gone wrong? Is there still hope? I mean really, 4 days?! Yuck, yuck, yuck. OK, I need to move on.

I am glad to be back home all together though. We have been away for a while. Gabe has been gone 3 weeks and the rest of us were gone for 2. John was a site for sore eyes and it was so nice to sleep in my own bed. The grass has grown, the snapdragons have bloomed like crazy, and our strawberry bumper crop is ready to harvest. It is nice to be back.


George and Eva Ross said...

It's not as bad as you think. You see, the bacteria that grows on boys' skin is really only interested in the hormones generated by those boys who are becoming "men" if you get my drift. So, he probably didn't stink too much after all.

Your Dad

motorcross-cutiebug said...

I'm sorry but, I find not showering extremely disgusting!!!

I'm soooooexcited to come see you guys in July!!!

See you soon!!!
-Katie Koford