Sunday, May 17, 2009

While I Was Sleeping

I am on the mend. I have been sick. Really, really sick. Two weeks ago Monday, in the afternoon, I started runnning a very high fever with a cough. I wasn't too worried because it was a flu that has made the rounds among friends and family. I thought I'd get some rest and wait for it to pass. It was a typical flu, high fever, aches, coughs, chills-not pleasant, but not too crazy.

Tuesday and Wednesday were more of the same. I literally did nothing but lay in bed. Jebb had just come through two days of fever, so he stayed home with me and just watched TV all day. He got himself gogurts, crackers, apples, and string cheese. He found ways to entertain himself. I just kept feeling worse and worse. I would lay as still as possible so I wouldn't start myself coughing. I decided I'd better go to the doctor if I wasn't feeling better Thurs. morning. So ya, Thursday morning was not better and I got an appointment for the afternoon.

After a once over, the doctor listened to my lungs. She said I had Pneumonia. Crap. She wrote me several perscriptions. I got a strong antibiotic, daytime cough 'pearls', and a night time cough medicine with codine so I could sleep. So I took my pills. And fevered. And coughed. And slept, some. By this time John has shifted into SuperDad mode. I tell ya, the guy puts me to shame! He gets the house whipped into shape and is doing laundry like a madman. I love that man.

I have this weird thing about medicine. I hate taking it. I resist. I am obnoxious about it. But there is a reason. Medicine never affects me the right way. If there is an obscure side effect, I generally get it. The night time cough medicine for example-it did not ease my cough or make me sleepy. Instead, I continued to cough and was WIDE awake, even jittery, for many hours after taking it. And the antibiotics never really did anything but upset my stomach. The Nyquil John made me take Friday night just made my belly burn. Sleep for a long stretch still eluded me but the high fever had me dozing in and out. Ya, I am a weirdo. I finally went back into the doctor and got a new antibiotic which seems to be doing the trick. Thank heaven!

It's been a strange couple of weeks. Life goes on-whether I am asleep or awake. I missed lots of field trips and even some concerts. I usually didn't send cameras to the events, but we did get a few shots of random life. So I wanted to remark on a few things that have happened while I slept.

Last weekend was Hank's graduation from Bayfield HS. We has some family come into town for it. Kristine's sister Johnnie and 3 of her kids Jolyn, David, and Susan (Hank's mom) came with some of their families. I was in charge of the food for Sat/Sun. Luckily I had already done some of it, but on Sat. afternoon, I laid on the dining room table telling John how to make the 2 lasagnas for dinner that night. At least he still needs me around to cook. :) Everything was apparently very good and after moving the dinner to Kristine's, it went well.
Our great friends all pitched in with side dishes for the big dinner after graduation on Mother's Day and John picked up a big order of Serious Texas BBQ meat. Again, I heard it went well. I was relieved when it was all over. I wanted Hank to have a good time and feel important. I think he did.

The daughter of John's first cousin came through on her drive home from BYU to Georgia for the summer. She is a terrific musician and gave us an impromptu concert. Jenna is amazing! Thanks for singing for us!

Gabe certainly used this time for personal enrichment. He rode his dirtbike every stinking day. I usually try to pace him a little and get maximum yard work for his riding pleasure. He had more than one crash, but John took pictures of this one. Sometimes it is better for me to NOT know what this kid does.

Of course there was Mother's Day-I just have to say that I LOVE the gifts my kids make me! They all were incredibly sweet to me. I haven't been eating so I didn't have my traditional breakfast in bed, but I got my usual slew of amazing handmade gifts. I am so grateful to be a Mom to all of these beautiful, talented kids! the first pot was made by Elise.
Jackson made me this little red pinch pot. Seth made 2 things for me. He made the ceramic turtles (I have quite a collection of ceramic kid-crafted turtles) as well as this glass necklace. He said the dark part was supposed to look like a heart. :)

I hate missing out on life! This time is going so fast! My trees have all blossomed, my perenials are coming up, everything has awoken from Spring. I am so glad I am awake now too. Although I am still lacking stamina, I am relieved that the worst is over. Two weeks is a long time!


meegz said...

So sorry you were sooo sick. Glad you're back.:)

George and Eva Ross said...

You got the weird side affects from you dad. He has to be careful still what meds he takes or I end up with someone extremely depressed or who knows what. It is usually the last side affect on the list with the fewest known cases.
We are delighted you are feeling better! Don't do too much too fast, you will be tempted!
We love you! Give John a big hug for us.

Lucy said...

I'm so relieved you are feeling a little better. I was worried about you, even after seeing you on Saturday. You were just so weak and pale.

Please, please, please let me know if I can do anything to help while you continue to recover. John is every bit the superman you described, but I can do laundry and clean too!