Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh Crap

Today John left with Gabe for a 10 day motorcycle trip.

No problem.

I've got it all under control.

Elise went to play with a friend and Seth had a friend come over. Summer in full swing. Bring it on baby.

Having 4 boys, I have noticed a few things about them. They enjoy different things than I, as a female, find appealing. They like to do thing like burping, or like riding around and around on dirtbikes, they seem to like remote control vehicles, and they seem to like to dig. Burping aside, when you consider all of the other things boys like to do, you have a good idea of what Seth and his friend spent the afternoon doing. They wanted to see Hank's RC truck, so they rode dirtbikes over to Grandma's house. They wanted to dig some pits and jumps for the RC. So they got shovels and hoes.

The dirt here in Colorado is not good for digging. It is really, really hard clay. But in Grandma's back yard there is a place that is good for digging. It is a large area of sandy soil. It is several feet deep and it is easy, almost fun, to dig. Unlike these boys, you may wonder what a large area of sandy soil is doing in the back yard.

Well, this is what is known as the 'septic field.' This is where the large tank is buried that catches all of the water that comes from the house-water from the sinks, the shower, and yes, even the toilet. This tank catches any, uh hum, 'solids' and the water flows out of the tank into pipes buried in the before mentioned sandy soil septic field. The water from the underground pipes flows through the sandy material and is purified before returning to the aquifer deep below our feet. So there is your Septic System 101 class.

Back to the boys.

Digging in the nice sandy soil.

They decided to build a pit for the RC car to jump. They decided to make it really deep and challenging. Dig Dig Diggity Doo. While digging, they hit something hard, and water seemed to be coming out. Seth decided to just cover it back up (not a very sound solution). Interestingly, in true boy like fashion, Seth's friend thought they had discovered an 'underground river' and he decided to dig a little deeper. When he called Seth and Hank back over, they all decided it was unusually smelly as far as underground rivers go. That is when Hank deduced that they had dug down to, and through, the septic tank (or pipes, or something septic-y). Ironically, the, uh hum, 'contents' of the tank were beginning to actually look like an underground river as they quickly filled in the large 'pit' they had previously dug.


John is out of town for only a few hours and I've got more crap than I know what to do with. It also happens to be a holiday. No luck finding a plumber.

So we are going to make the best of this crappy situation until tomorrow comes. For today, we are going to have a little sleep over, with Grandma and Hank coming to spend some quality time with us. Maybe we'll all watch a movie or something. Jackson and Jebb are thrilled. Elise is sleeping over with her friend. Seth is unusually quiet. John and Gabe are somewhere between here and Gunnison. As for me, well, I'm beginning to think I just might be up for a roadtrip myself.


meegz said...

good old country living -- with grandma in tow:) Libbie said to me today "Mimi has a REALLY bumpy driveway!" I remembered, we do live in the city.:) No septic here(we live by the dump though....does that count?

Amy said...

i LOVE reading your posts and hearing about your life and what you're like now. I'm so sorry you've been so sick. I had pneumonia once and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! Hope you feel back to normal soon. Take care of you!

hendywow said...

Bummer~! I do NOT do well with Septic situations! Good luck sister..

Brooke said...

OH MY GOODNESS, that is too funny but really gross. Good luck with that!