Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Dirty

I am ready to get some stuff in the ground.  My square foot garden needs to be planted, and my soil needs tilled and amended.   I made John take me to the store to get lots of stinky compost and I was eager to get it mixed into our terrible dirt.    But it was kinda chilly.  And rainy.   After getting pretty mad at me for being outside, John and the kids did the dirty work for me.   I resisted and complained (using colorful language) about being useless before submitting and going inside.   It is hard for me to let everyone around me do my work.   I decided I am not good at being sickly.   It is really cramping my style.   Thank you John, Gabe, Seth, and Elise for getting my dirt ready. I sure love you guys.
This is near my raspberries and my blackberry plant.  I think I am going to grow pumpkins here and hope the raspberries keep spreading.

This is between the SFG and the strawberry patch (which is going crazy! Yeah!) and I would like to plant potatoes here. I tried to find seed potatoes but haven't had any luck-any ideas?

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