Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicole

Today is my sister Nicole's birthday. She is still much younger than me. I am #3 and she is #4 in the Ross Clan. We are 4 years apart, but have been quite close (maybe because I am immature?). Nicole married her high school sweetheart and they have settled back in Page, AZ with their 4 boys and as you can see, they all adore her.

Nicole is a lot of fun. This is a picture of her from college. She is very funny and we are always telling one another how our husbands don't realize how hilarious we are!!

But Nic isn't just cute and funny, she is also brilliant. She is a High School English teacher and is currently teaching for an online High School-very techie! While being a mom, a YW pres, and a full-time teacher, she has also been able to work on her Master's Degree. She is getting close to finishing even with all the other craziness in her life!

Nicole can do pretty much anything and never ceases to amaze me with her home improvement prowess. She is truly multi-talented. But my favorite thing about Nicole is that she is my friend. She always listens to me rant and complain before having me laugh my can off in the same conversation. I know she's always got my back and I am grateful the Lord sent me such a cool little sister. I hope I can grow up to be more like her. Happy Birthday Sissy!

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Nicole said...

Michelle, you are far too flattering! Feeling a little shy about the attention, I recall another birthday occasion on which you made a lot of hullabaloo. For your readers: I had just turned 15, and my sister Michelle had just come home from college for the summer. I came home from school to find a complete beach scene set up in the living room of our house complete with beach chair, towel, blow up palm trees, the works. Michelle made me pose in the chair with some big pink sunglasses and a straw hat. If you follow her blog at all, you know how she loves a good photo op. I felt a little silly being the too cool for lots of stuff teenager, but I also loved it! All I wanted in my growing up years was to be as cool as my big sister Michelle. She never does anything halfway. I don't think that that desire to be more like her has ever worn off.

I am a little chagrined to see some of the pictures you posted of me! I don't know that feverishly devouring Twilight is the best illustration of my intelletual prowess, but hey I love the fluffy stuff! I love talking politics, religion, gardening, celebrity gossip, whatever with someone who thinks like me! How blessed I am to have such a great sister who is not only a wonderful example of what a wife, mother, and woman should be, but also to have a best friend as wacky as I am. No one is funnier than us. Thanks for always laughing with me!