Saturday, May 2, 2009

BYU Women's Conference

It looks like I am made to conference in the month of April, baby. After Stake WC, I decided I was ready for the big leagues so when some lovely ladies from Cortez invited Lanae and I to go, we went for it. We cruised to Provo on Wednesday morning and I managed to only get one speeding ticket in Dove Creek (I think that town runs on revenue from speeders...) even though we passed 10+ cops-literally!! Why were so many out on a Wednesday? Weird.

That night, we ate at...guess...yes, you got it, at the Olive Garden-the place Mormon women love to meet for dinner and all-you-can-eat-and-shove-in-your-purse-for-later salad and breadsticks. It was great even though the picture is not. We got some weird reflection from a far away mirror. Snap! I did not know most of these ladies before this trip, so it was fun to meet and greet.

Lanae and I got to share a room with Cherie Olsen and her mom Ann Tanner. We felt lucky to have them for roomies. Here we are taking a pic with the Y in the background (good call Cherie). We stayed at the Marriott which was really nice except for the fact that the room had, ahem, double beds. Yes, Lanae and I got to share a double bed. It made for some good jokes and we perfected our 'mummy' sleeping position over the 3 nights (you know, lay on your back with your hands crossed over your chest-mummy style).
We kicked off the conf. Thursday morning all together in the Marriott Center. At the end of the talks, we got to sing 'Now Let Us Rejoice' and it was beyond inspiring. The chorister told how WW Phelps wrote this song on the banks of the Missouri River after the Saints had been driven out of their homes and had lost all their worldly possessions, and some even their lives. We practiced and the chorister encouraged us through several attempts until we filled the air thick with song. I closed my eyes for a minute to listen and I think a little tear leaked out. It illustrated metaphorically and literally how powerful we as a group of women can be if we will open our mouths and sing out good things. I loved that part!!!! Here is dark shot of all the mormons!

Then we went to our respective classes. The conference was pretty crazy-- we are talking fast-walking mormon women EVERYWHERE!! You go from class to class around campus to classrooms that often fill up, hence the fast-walk. The whole going between classes was a part I didn't love so much. I think I have lived in the country too long. While I tried to smile at the ladies around me, I found it somewhat overwhelming. We hung in the Wilk. Ballroom for the next 2 classes and they were good. Inspiring. Spiritual. Mormony. You get the idea. Lanae and I grabbed lunch and dropped in to say hello to my baby bro Bradley (he works on campus-computer stuff) before we decided we were feeling so good we could call it a day at WC and go shopping. :) We cruised up to S. Jordan so Nae could experience Tai Pan. We hooked up with my big sis Kim and the three of us had so much fun. We ate at Cafe Rio and shopped at Material Girls (the cutest quilt shop ever-Kim actually designed thier little logo-fun!). Lanae went a little crazy on the fabric and I was feeling like a champ that I had brought her to a shop she enjoyed so much. I am so bummed I didn't get a pic of the 3 of us!!!

Thursday was more of the same-meet together first. Sis. Beck gave THE best talk about the family and I hope she will give in again for the RS broadcast so I can have it in print. Seriously. I was so inspired!!! Then walk to the ballroom. Women everywhere. Fast walking. Line standing. Lots of conferencing. Lanae and I enjoyed the talks once again. So much so that we again felt like we were good to go.


So we went.

To the Mall.

Then to the movies. When we returned to our hotel after a fulfilling day, there was a live band playing in the alley between This place (Sammy's) and our parking garage. Lanae and I looked down and saw a girl we know from Bayfield-Andrea. We went and said hi then we stayed to enjoy the bands. They were seriously good and we were laughing and giggling the whole time. I must say-it was certainly a highlight. It reminded me of one of the first weekends I met John and we had gone to hear a live band with our friend Rob Parry at a block party. I just had to settle for texting my hubba, hubba honey while enjoying the music in the open air.

Lanae and I left Saturday morning and after loading up at Costco, we made pretty good time almost all the way home before I got pulled over near our Durango Wal Mart. Snap! Luckily the twelve year old looking cop let me off with just a warning (do cops keep getting younger or I am I just getting more mature?)

As nice as it was to go to the conference, it was even nicer to come my happily squealing children, grinning husband, and my KING size bed!! John was a champ and had the whole house super clean. I must be getting more sentimental as I, uh, mature. I miss being with John and the kids! What more can you ask? Great conference, great company, and great to be home.


Nicole said...

I am so jealous! What a fun and purposeful weekend! I especially loved that you included a picture of that gigantic crowd of women. I know that as an LDS woman, I have lots of times when I look at the world we live in and think, yikes how am I ever going to raise my family! Then you see a gathering like this one and realize that not only are we not alone, but we are a FORCE to be reckoned with! What a wonderful blessing to know that there are so many who share our values. Glad you had a good time sissy!

meegz said...

the crowd picture and your comments about women singing made me sad I missed it. The comments about the crowds didn't.:)

i usually sit in the marriott center most of the day . MAYBE venture out for a class or two but usually just sit. I get to anxious with all the crazies around. Love those ladies, but they ARE crazy!

glad you took time to shop and chat...after all that's what womens conference is about.:)

hendywow said...

Wow! Sounds like too much fun! It is so nice to see the beautiful Tanner girls again!

Valerie said...

I'm just a stranger looking for people's posts of women's conference since I didn't get to go this year. It looks like you had fun. Isn't it the best? Hope you don't mind me coming by.

Laurene Ross said...

I am so glad you were able to go. How wonderful to get a shot of pure spirit to take back and help you in the continued day to day fight.

The speeding ticket is a thing I can relate too. I have to check myself constantly as I drive. After going to driving school last year to clear my record , I have been more aware. I did get a ticket a week ago, I just like to get there and get going...

Kelly said...

Ok, I confess. I always blog surf to your blog from Lucy's. I live right by Cafe Rio and Material Girls. I mean a really short walk. I wish you could have come and seen my tiny garden. It's looking good and we already have plans to expand it next year!