Friday, April 17, 2009

Dancing the Night Away

Tonight was the annual fundraising dinner/dance/auction at the elementary school. 5th graders (ie Seth) get to perform newly learned ballroom dancing skills. I am so bummed I didn't bring the good camera, so all I have are weird, blurry, far away shots of Seth cuttin' it up (he was not sad because he says he doesn't care to remember it-such a 5th grade boy). John had to leave part way thru to go to a church function we ditched, but the rest of us stayed and danced the night away.

There had a live band-The Hounds of Purg-a local group of Jr High aged boys. They are actually really good-this was the 3rd year they have played (maybe they are high school aged by now). The little guys hung close to me. Jackson was super into the dancing. He and I held hands and danced song after song. It was so cute. He's quite versatile-he spun on his back, walked like a crab, and danced with his had on my waist looking sweetly into my eyes (I danced on my knees). He got wild on one song and ran and slid onto his knees, threw up one arm with his chin held high, while yelling 'YAH!' He told me he 'got all of those dance moves from Spongebob Squarepants.' I should have guessed. Elise spent a lot of the time in the library with her friends checking out all of the silent auction items up for bid. Gabe and Seth.... well, they were cracking me up. They kept coming over to me telling me about the girls asking them to dance. They were seriously squirrelly. It was fun to see them negotiating through all that mumbo jumbo. For some reason it always surprises me how much they talk to me about girls and feeling awkward. I love it. I love that we can talk about boy/girl stuff so we can add the moral context. I try to play it cool. ;)

I had such a fun night! I got to have fun with all age groups-how lucky am I ?! Seth and some of the other 5th graders
Sweet Elise-I got this pic as she ran by with friends
J&J rock the hula hoops
Jebb takes a pic on John and I.
Jackson and Gabe at the photo face thing. :)

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Josh, Kristin, and Taylin said...

I just happened to find your blog! We can't believe how big your kids are getting! They are so cute! We miss all you guys in Durango so much!