Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Two-fer

I enjoy getting lots of mileage out of things I'm doing. Tonight we expanded and modified the A-Day activity to suit our family (tasting food like they may have had at the Last Supper). We began by reading all of the scriptures I had used in AD that told the story of the week before Easter. It was interesting how different things were emphasized with the family. Scriptures are cool that way-the same verses can teach different things to different people. I was pleased that Elise remembered most everything from last night's activity. Grandma was impressed with her knowledge! :) After scriptures and because it is Thursday, we ate a dinner with food that might have been around in Jesus' day. We talked about the idea that this might have been some of the things they ate.

We make kabobs with some lamb chunks that I picked up. Then we threw them on the grill. Seth was enthused for a pic!

While those cooked, we ate salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Gabe is a die-hard Ranch fan. Obviously.
There was a mixed opinion on the Goat's Milk we drank. John said it tasted like cow milk. Elise and I strongly disagreed. Gabe dry-heaved when he drank it. I don't think J&J let it get past their lips. We all happily poured a glass of Grape Juice.

Jebb and Jackson ate the flat bread. We are not an Olive loving family. More dry heaving. I had a large plate of fresh fruit with pineapple, strawberries, and blackberries. I'm not sure if they ate that back then, but they were certainly more popular at the BigG dinner table than the bowls of dried fruits and nuts.

The kabobs were finally done and they were a hit. We had used lots of sea salt on them and the kids all thought it was similar to steak. Grandma said it wasn't as fatty as most mutton she had tried (I requested a lean cut at the butcher).

Hank arrived late and all of the kids enjoyed presenting him with our different culinary delights. They were disappointed when he agreed with John that the goat milk didn't taste weird.
It was a really fun night and I am glad I went to the effort to make it memorable. Too often I let the business of our lives push aside some of my 'enhancement' ideas. I am so grateful for the miracle of the Empty Tomb. I am glad we have the Easter Season to remind us of it. Sometimes it gets diluted with all the bunnies and chocolate. Hopefully the kids will remember some of the things we read and it will make an impression. Here we are in our weird-food-tasting glory:
I sure do love these guys and am so thankful that because of what the Savior did for us, we can have not only a happier life now, but an abiding Hope in spite of saddness and death.


Jan said...

So I'm curious...what is Thurs? Weird food tasting day?? :-)

Great idea - I love it. We tried to do a bit of a "Holy Week" thing this year - hopefully next year I can make it more concrete.

ShelleyG said...

Oops-in my brain i mentioned that we were tasting food like they might have had at the Last Supper! :) I'll have to edit that. I think I mentioned it in the A-Day post. Thanks Jan! :)

Laurene Ross said...

This is great. I love that my kids are not the only kids that would have starved to death if they lived 2000 years ago.Not to mention their father too! We have done a similar thing with the same results. I will have to add fresh fruit next time. Smart think-in!