Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Achievement Days

It is Easter Week and I wanted to do a fun yet meaningful activity for Achievement Days (I am going to be released soon-so sad). Of course I got out my 'Dress Up Fabric.' (This is a box of dollar fabric that I have cut to make tunics, headbands, belts, and scarves for all the Primary kids in the ward. I have gotten SO, SO many uses out of it for YEARS.) We got dressed up and sat on a blanket for our review of the last week of the Savior's life.

I had a lot of different foods that might have been eaten back in that time and maybe even at the Last Supper. I also made us a list of scriptures that we read through covering events from that last week. I used the Gospel Art Kit for visual aids. It was a bit of a jumble and I had imagined us just snacking as we read, but as we started going through the story in the scriptures, I managed to have a food that kind of went with each thing. Granted, some where a bit of a stretch, but I think it will help the girls remember the events.

We started with a piece of Romaine lettuce that I passed out to use as a plate for each girl. As we read about the Triumphal Entry, we each waved our little leaves like palms. Then it was dried apricots. We decided they looked like coins which reminded us of the story of Christ cleaning the money changers out of the Temple. We talked about Judas and how he was a disciple that went looking to sell out his Master for the price of a slave. I had cheese chunks for him-I told the girls that he was way beyond 'cheesy,' but they thought it was a good reminder (like I said, some things were a stretch...). We covered a few highlights from the Last Supper. We has grape fruit juice (new wine) in clear cups. It's a lovely golden color reminding us that the teachings of the Savior were like Golden Truths for us. We had round pita bread cut into halves-they looked like smiles. We read the scrip that says if you do as Christ did, happy you will be. Of course the juice and bread also reminded us of the Sacrament. We moved on to the Garden of Gethsemane and I passed out olives. We talked about pressing olives and about the great pressure exerted on the Savior during this time. I had strawberries cut in half (to look like drops) that reminded how he sweat great drops of blood. We read and talked about the betrayal, the trial, and the crucifixion. The girls were very somber and I felt the Spirit. I passed out dried fruits for this part to represent the life that went out of Him. I has turkey slices wrapped up and we read how they wrapped his body in linen before placing it in the tomb. We talked about what happened in Jerusalem and in the America's and how the Earth mourned it's Creator. Then I passed around plastic eggs-one for each girl. I told them that the Miracle of Easter was contained in the egg. They all eagerly opened them and found them to be empty. We then read about Mary at the tomb learning that it too was empty.

It was such a nice night and all of the girls were there. I have such a terrific group of girls and I am going to record their names for myself. They are (l to r) Elise Gilleland, Summer Clay, Jenna Tuck, Tanessa Farley, Hanna Gohn, Natalie Miner, Afton Mann, and Piper Rossi. I love playing with them and I love sharing my testimony with them. I hope I have been able to be a good leader for them. I will miss their enthusiasm.

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