Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Calling

Today I got a new Calling in our ward. I was released as the Webelos leader, Achievement Days leader, and Relief Society teacher. I was called to be the new 1st Councilor in the Primary Presidency.

I went into the bathroom during the rest hymn. The restroom has a little room attached to it with a soft chair where mothers can sit with their babies. I saw one of my AD day girls sitting in there crying. I wasn't sure what to do! I knelt down by the chair and asked her what was the matter. She looked up at me and said she was sad I wasn't going to be her leader anymore! I couldn't believe it! I sat down next to her in the big soft chair and we talked about how much fun we had together and I told her she and the other girls were what made AD so much fun. I told her it was her willing attitude that made me a good leader. I reminded them that the new AD leader is a really great, fun lady (truly!). After we both dried our tears, we went back in to Sac Mtg. together. They really are such a fun group of girls-the kind of group that is easy to plan good things for.

I have really enjoyed having minimal responsibilities on Sunday. I enjoy Gospel Doctrine and RS each week. But I knew a change was coming my way and I haven't been in Primary for a while. Since a large percentage of the kids are my own biological children (ha) I guess it makes sense. Those same AD girls are of course in Primary too, along with lots of other terrific kids. The former Presidency has been brilliant and it should make it pretty easy for us to ease right in! Wish me luck! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stake Women's Conference

Today our Stake had an all day Women's Conference. It was really enjoyable. I love seeing sisters from far away places in our stake gathered all together. It gives me hope and encouragement knowing they are out there in the crazy world fighting the good fight.

We all met together in the morning and heard the story of this guy. I took this pic of him with his cousins Cherie and Ann (they are from Cortez). His name is Luke Jones and he was severely burned as an 18mo old when he fell into a hot washing machine. His mother told the story-so heartbreaking. Of course I was weepy! It was ultimately a story of triumph over tragedy through the power of the Atonement. Luke is 30 now and has the voice of an angel. He sang to us before we split up into our little classes. Inspiring!

There were all types of classes to choose from and I actually got to teach one of them. I was asked to share the story of my trip to Ethiopia. I have to say that I haven't really been looking forward to it because I still have memories of this in the past. See link here Wouldn't you know it, the one woman that attended that last presentation was actually the one that asked me to do it for the women of the stake. I tried to go without expectations, but not without preparation.

I have given this presentation 4 times before this and it is always different, so I just wanted to be open to what I should talk about. I prayed a lot and fasted before I went. Well, I had 30 minutes and I must say, it was not enough. I wish it could have lasted a little longer! We had a full RS room with lots of beautiful, wonderful women. The Spirit was certainly there and I was able to tell about the lessons I learned that Heavenly Father loves all of his children and never compares our needs to others. He blesses us wherever we are at, whenever we ask. He is aware of us. He longs to bless us. And a few goofy stories mixed in there too! I could feel the Love of the Lord for those women in the room. I hope they could feel it too-I think they did. I just love that!!!!
I owe my little brother Brad a big thank you-right before my presentation, I couldn't get my computer to talk to the projector, so I called him (aren't cell phones great!?) and he talked me through it. I do love him for more than his technical brilliance, although it seems the only time I call is to ask for thanks Brad for the help! :) He saved me from a panic attack! Unfortunately, the Stake RS asked if they could us my computer for the slide show they were doing at the end of the day. I said sure, but I didn't really know how to work my own computer. They smiled but I don't think they believed me-until they asked me to help them set it up. So, I spent good chunks of the rest of the classes blindly leading the blind. Not fun. I should have just kept Brad on speed dial. But we finally did get it sorted out and I got to go to the end of my friend Tiffany's class See her Blog Here. She had great ideas for kid fun.

Of course with my friend Lanae in the Stake RS Presidency, it was a top notch affair. It was a lovely luncheon and all of the classes and programs were great- I wish I could have gone to all of them (there were 12 classes to choose from)! I always have a hard time getting to these kinds of activities (maybe that's why they have to ask me to do stuff at them), but they always turn out being such a lift to me. I am grateful for the good women of our Stake that are examples and teachers to me. I am also grateful for my good family that supports me in my efforts to go (Hank babysat and took the kids to their soccer games for me as John was in ABQ with Seth-Thank you!!).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Precious Than Rubies

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Tonight was my final Achievement Days activity with my girls (I am getting a new calling this Sunday). I have a really super group of girls and I am really sad. I wanted to help them make something that would help them remember how much I think of them. We began by reading this scripture from Proverbs. We then made bracelets together and although I didn't have rubies, we did use some semi-precious stones and crystal beads. I let the girls pick their own colors and design. They did a fabulous job!

Once again I was camera-less. Snap! I will have to get a shot of Elise's bracelet. I have really enjoyed doing these activities with Elise. She and I don't always see eye-to-eye lately, but we have such a good time together at AD. She is always very enthusiastic and happy. What a great program that helps young girls learn to set and accomplish meaningful goals and attend self-improvement activities. I love it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Fryers

Tonight we had a delightful dinner. John's cousin Melinda (Gilleland) Fryer and her husband Jack were driving through town. Melinda's father Robert is an older brother to Jack (John's dad). Kristine, Jan & Clint, and Jackie & Jim all met up with all of us at Franscisco's. We had Elise, Jackson, and Jebb (G&S had basketball). John has some really nice relatives and I am so glad that the Fryers drove out of their way (they are cruising to Amarillo) to stop over in Durango. I am glad my kids got to meet them again. We hadn't seen them since Jack's funeral. I am hoping Melinda will send me copies of the pics she took. I think we are due for another Gilleland Family Reunion.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mahogany Grill

You know I love a reason to eat out at a great resturant. Ah, the Mahogony Grill. Tonight we had a terrific reason. Our friend Kelly turned 40 so we got to go out with him and his lovely wife Tiffany! The Manns came too. Good food, good friends. Ya, I LOVED it!! I think Kelly should have birthdays more often!

It also happened to be PROM night for Bayfield and Hank took his date Kaylie to dinner at the MG too. We took some pictures of them as well. They looked really great!

Go Jebb!

My sweet little Jebb learned to ride a bike today!!  John and I were on a walk and when we got back to the driveway, this is what we saw!  Gabe helped him learn how-I don't know who was more proud. :)

Jebb has always had a knack for riding. See link here

Now if we could just get Jackson to TRY riding a 2 wheeler...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dancing the Night Away

Tonight was the annual fundraising dinner/dance/auction at the elementary school. 5th graders (ie Seth) get to perform newly learned ballroom dancing skills. I am so bummed I didn't bring the good camera, so all I have are weird, blurry, far away shots of Seth cuttin' it up (he was not sad because he says he doesn't care to remember it-such a 5th grade boy). John had to leave part way thru to go to a church function we ditched, but the rest of us stayed and danced the night away.

There had a live band-The Hounds of Purg-a local group of Jr High aged boys. They are actually really good-this was the 3rd year they have played (maybe they are high school aged by now). The little guys hung close to me. Jackson was super into the dancing. He and I held hands and danced song after song. It was so cute. He's quite versatile-he spun on his back, walked like a crab, and danced with his had on my waist looking sweetly into my eyes (I danced on my knees). He got wild on one song and ran and slid onto his knees, threw up one arm with his chin held high, while yelling 'YAH!' He told me he 'got all of those dance moves from Spongebob Squarepants.' I should have guessed. Elise spent a lot of the time in the library with her friends checking out all of the silent auction items up for bid. Gabe and Seth.... well, they were cracking me up. They kept coming over to me telling me about the girls asking them to dance. They were seriously squirrelly. It was fun to see them negotiating through all that mumbo jumbo. For some reason it always surprises me how much they talk to me about girls and feeling awkward. I love it. I love that we can talk about boy/girl stuff so we can add the moral context. I try to play it cool. ;)

I had such a fun night! I got to have fun with all age groups-how lucky am I ?! Seth and some of the other 5th graders
Sweet Elise-I got this pic as she ran by with friends
J&J rock the hula hoops
Jebb takes a pic on John and I.
Jackson and Gabe at the photo face thing. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea For Two

I decided to attend a Tea Party today in Durango. I even got Jebb out of preschool early to go with me (I thought he could hold a sign). I went because I am concerned with all of the spending that our government is doing. I am concerned at the size and scope of the Federal government. I want my kids to have the same freedoms to work and prosper that I have.

And I was curious. I wondered if anyone else felt the same way.

So I went. Noon at Rotary Park.
Although Jebb and I arrived a little early, we had to park 3 blocks away to find a space. Jebb is in the lower left corner. There were more people than I expected.

And they kept coming. Soon the park was full and I think the organizers of the event were surprised. They had us sing some patriotic songs (a car with the doors open was the sound system-a clue to the fact that they underestimated). The newpaper said 500 people showed up! Wow! I think some of the people there were the types that just want everyone-including the government- to leave them alone with their guns. But I think that was a small part. Most people seemed like me and I personally knew many of them to be the kind of people I felt comfortable standing with.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang a couple songs, heard a few speakers, then Jebb and I were ready to go. A friend of mine met us at the park even though it wasn't really her thing. I was glad she came because she is smart and thoughtful about it. I think that's a great thing about our country-we can have different opinions and feel fine expressing them. We went with my friend and her kid to lunch instead of marching to the courthouse which was definitely the right move with 2 preschoolers in tow.

I am so glad I went. It was a peaceful meeting of individuals that are looking for leadership they feel will represent them. In a Republic, you get exactly what you want for leaders. That is why we must be sure of what we want or don't want from government. I hope new choices will emerge. For now, I am trying to study and ponder what it is I want out of my leader.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Pictures

Ah, the dreaded Easter photos. I love them once they are done, but my kids dread them. :)

Oops, timer didn't work...
Elise is the keystone of our coordination effort.
Maybe a different configuration... and the kids ran out and picked some flowers for me.We finally called it good and headed to Grandma's. Some kids decided to change out of the Easter clothes. I can't understand why they wouldn't want us all to match everyday! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Requires Supervision

I am home alone. On a Saturday morning. I can't really remember the last time this happened. It has been about 20 minutes already.

The kids all spent the night at Grandma's house and John took Seth to a football registration. Soccer got cancelled due to snow so there is now no rush for me to retrieve them.

So here I am. All alone.

So what have I done? In my 20 minutes alone I turned on the TV and it happened to be on an infomercial.

It is so compelling. It's for the 10 Minute Workout. Did you know you can lose inches and jean sizes in just 10 days? I am going to a wedding for my sweet niece Lauren in 2 months, then to a 20 year class reunion. I could really use that system.

People just like me have seen real results, FAST!

So 20 minutes and 80 bucks later, I am going to turn off the TV and do some cleaning. Apparently without some supervision, I can't afford to be home alone for long.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Two-fer

I enjoy getting lots of mileage out of things I'm doing. Tonight we expanded and modified the A-Day activity to suit our family (tasting food like they may have had at the Last Supper). We began by reading all of the scriptures I had used in AD that told the story of the week before Easter. It was interesting how different things were emphasized with the family. Scriptures are cool that way-the same verses can teach different things to different people. I was pleased that Elise remembered most everything from last night's activity. Grandma was impressed with her knowledge! :) After scriptures and because it is Thursday, we ate a dinner with food that might have been around in Jesus' day. We talked about the idea that this might have been some of the things they ate.

We make kabobs with some lamb chunks that I picked up. Then we threw them on the grill. Seth was enthused for a pic!

While those cooked, we ate salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Gabe is a die-hard Ranch fan. Obviously.
There was a mixed opinion on the Goat's Milk we drank. John said it tasted like cow milk. Elise and I strongly disagreed. Gabe dry-heaved when he drank it. I don't think J&J let it get past their lips. We all happily poured a glass of Grape Juice.

Jebb and Jackson ate the flat bread. We are not an Olive loving family. More dry heaving. I had a large plate of fresh fruit with pineapple, strawberries, and blackberries. I'm not sure if they ate that back then, but they were certainly more popular at the BigG dinner table than the bowls of dried fruits and nuts.

The kabobs were finally done and they were a hit. We had used lots of sea salt on them and the kids all thought it was similar to steak. Grandma said it wasn't as fatty as most mutton she had tried (I requested a lean cut at the butcher).

Hank arrived late and all of the kids enjoyed presenting him with our different culinary delights. They were disappointed when he agreed with John that the goat milk didn't taste weird.
It was a really fun night and I am glad I went to the effort to make it memorable. Too often I let the business of our lives push aside some of my 'enhancement' ideas. I am so grateful for the miracle of the Empty Tomb. I am glad we have the Easter Season to remind us of it. Sometimes it gets diluted with all the bunnies and chocolate. Hopefully the kids will remember some of the things we read and it will make an impression. Here we are in our weird-food-tasting glory:
I sure do love these guys and am so thankful that because of what the Savior did for us, we can have not only a happier life now, but an abiding Hope in spite of saddness and death.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Achievement Days

It is Easter Week and I wanted to do a fun yet meaningful activity for Achievement Days (I am going to be released soon-so sad). Of course I got out my 'Dress Up Fabric.' (This is a box of dollar fabric that I have cut to make tunics, headbands, belts, and scarves for all the Primary kids in the ward. I have gotten SO, SO many uses out of it for YEARS.) We got dressed up and sat on a blanket for our review of the last week of the Savior's life.

I had a lot of different foods that might have been eaten back in that time and maybe even at the Last Supper. I also made us a list of scriptures that we read through covering events from that last week. I used the Gospel Art Kit for visual aids. It was a bit of a jumble and I had imagined us just snacking as we read, but as we started going through the story in the scriptures, I managed to have a food that kind of went with each thing. Granted, some where a bit of a stretch, but I think it will help the girls remember the events.

We started with a piece of Romaine lettuce that I passed out to use as a plate for each girl. As we read about the Triumphal Entry, we each waved our little leaves like palms. Then it was dried apricots. We decided they looked like coins which reminded us of the story of Christ cleaning the money changers out of the Temple. We talked about Judas and how he was a disciple that went looking to sell out his Master for the price of a slave. I had cheese chunks for him-I told the girls that he was way beyond 'cheesy,' but they thought it was a good reminder (like I said, some things were a stretch...). We covered a few highlights from the Last Supper. We has grape fruit juice (new wine) in clear cups. It's a lovely golden color reminding us that the teachings of the Savior were like Golden Truths for us. We had round pita bread cut into halves-they looked like smiles. We read the scrip that says if you do as Christ did, happy you will be. Of course the juice and bread also reminded us of the Sacrament. We moved on to the Garden of Gethsemane and I passed out olives. We talked about pressing olives and about the great pressure exerted on the Savior during this time. I had strawberries cut in half (to look like drops) that reminded how he sweat great drops of blood. We read and talked about the betrayal, the trial, and the crucifixion. The girls were very somber and I felt the Spirit. I passed out dried fruits for this part to represent the life that went out of Him. I has turkey slices wrapped up and we read how they wrapped his body in linen before placing it in the tomb. We talked about what happened in Jerusalem and in the America's and how the Earth mourned it's Creator. Then I passed around plastic eggs-one for each girl. I told them that the Miracle of Easter was contained in the egg. They all eagerly opened them and found them to be empty. We then read about Mary at the tomb learning that it too was empty.

It was such a nice night and all of the girls were there. I have such a terrific group of girls and I am going to record their names for myself. They are (l to r) Elise Gilleland, Summer Clay, Jenna Tuck, Tanessa Farley, Hanna Gohn, Natalie Miner, Afton Mann, and Piper Rossi. I love playing with them and I love sharing my testimony with them. I hope I have been able to be a good leader for them. I will miss their enthusiasm.

What Have I Become

This time of year John LOVES to shop. John is a gear guy. He loves 'technical' clothing for cold weather and this is the time of year when you get get some really great deals on that kind of hip, fun, functional stuff. Last weekend I was in a local mountaineering shop. It is full of high end jackets that were all on sale. I managed to score a sweet black Patagonia jacket with long, long sleeves 40% off! I love that! This cool, hip, high end, technical store also carries shoes. Shoes for hiking, biking, climbing, rafting, and any other outdoor type shoe you can think of. They also carry a shoe that is somewhat controversial.

It is a shoe that has endured ridicule and scorn. And let me just say-it is not unfounded. I remember years ago the first pair of these I saw. We knew a guy that played basketball at our local college and he had gotten several pairs for free. His coach had given them out to many of the players, and he actually generously gave a pair to John. My first impression? Hideous. Horrible. Ick. Bluh. To put it mildly, I did not care for them. I thought they were super ugly and goofy.

As a mother of 5 who also likes to garden, I find myself going indoors and outside quite often. I don't like shoes that tie in the summertime. I like to take my shoes off and on. I often wear flip flops because of their ease of access, but they are difficult to use a shovel with. So one day soon after this gift of ugly footwear, I saw them sitting in the closet. Hmm. They sure were ugly. But so accessible. Besides, I wasn't leaving the yard. So I slipped them on. I went outside and watered the strawberries. They got a little muddy, but no problem, I just hosed them off in the grass. Viola. Clean. And they were actually pretty comfortable.

You can see where this is going-I quickly became a wearer of CROCS. Those hideous, often colorful, plastic loafers. It started out innocently enough. I would wear them only at home. But them sometimes I would need to run an errand and I would just keep them on. Before long it became winter and I was STILL wearing them. So ya, in no time at all I was a chronic CROC wearer. I wore them to Wal Mart, friend's homes, resturants, everywhere!! I started buying them for the kids. They were just so easy-no laces and waterproof. I justified it to myself that I had never actually purchased a pair for myself-I would wear a pair of John's around. A red pair. A pair that was 2 sizes too big. I know, I know-it just gets worse and worse. Once I got started, I quickly descended the slippery slope. We were becoming a CROC wearing family.

So this last weekend I decided to finally embrace it fully. We were in that cool mountaineering shop (full of HIP, High End, technical gear) and they had several racks of CROCS all 40-50% off!! So I finally got a pair that fit me. In black. And it felt good (gardening season is coming up you know)!

John and I returned home from our CROC spree just as one of our friends stopped by. This friend of John's also appreciates 'technical' gear and is familiar with this shop. He also has lots of kids and I had seen them wearing CROCS in days past. We told him of the sale there. He paused for a minute then said, "Aren't CROCS going out?" John responded, "Yah, you know I have heard that the company is going under." Our friend paused. He said, "Ya, I heard that too, but what I meant was, (pause) aren't CROCS out of style?"

John and I locked eyes. We paused. Then we both started laughing out loud!!! We heartily agreed that yes, CROCS were most certainly NOT in style!! We couldn't deny it. They are ugly. They are non-stylish. They are OUT!! No wonder they were all on sale!

And yet here I sit still liking my CROCS. My ugly, black, 'out' CROCS. What have I become?! I have never been a fashionista, but I try to respect broad style guidelines. It certainly can't help that I live in the 'Worst Dressed Town' in America, but still. Maybe I am just becoming more comfortable with who I am. Maybe I have just become a slave to comfort. Not sure. So fashion be darned- I am keeping the CROCS- at least through the next gardening season.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sometimes I Just Want the Bag

I am planning an unusual dinner tonight that requires some out of the ordinary things. I decided I would go to my local Health Food Store. Not only would I be sure to find what I wanted, but I could support local business as well. I must admit, it is not a place where I fit in to the demographic. I drive a gas guzzling SUV and I feel a little self conscious pulling in to the parking lot among the myriad of hybrids. I have 5 kids but am not worried too much about this non-PC life choice as only Jebb is with me during the day. As we walk through the front doors I can't miss the huge signs on the doors asking if I remembered to bring my own bags. Hmm. Why yes, I had forgotten that. Actually, I didn't even think of it so I could forget about it.

Now I know the things I just rattled off are inconsequential and not things I should sweat. I am who I am. Right?

But I still think about it. I start thinking of all the reasons I AM a responsible steward of the earth. We try not to overconsume when it comes to clothes and shoes. We try to use food in season and preserve it ourselves. I try to turn lights off. I have a garden. I compost. I make my kids draw on the backs of used paper when they doodle. I have planted over 80 trees on our land gosh dang it!

But we are miners. Gravel miners. We don't recycle our aluminum cans. Sometimes I don't compost-I just put it down the garbage disposal. I occasionally find lights that have been left on all day in the basement.

So these are the thoughts rolling around in my brain as I collect my organic lamb chunks, goat milk, sea salt, and funky crackers. Those 4 items really added up. I was spending a chunk of change at my local HF store. So when I got to the checkout I wondered which way it would go. I wanted a bag for my stuff. Only 3 items and I might have carried it out bagless. But I felt like I wanted to hold Jebbs hand in case some hybrid owner was peeling out without looking (those things can be stealthy with their battery-powered mumbo jumbo). The girl swiped my card. She asked if I had brought my own bags. I mumbled a weak 'no.' She had me sign my slip and turned to the next customer. I wondered if I was supposed to bag it, the next isle had a designated bagger and it wasn't set up right-I'd have to reach around and stretch to get a bag. I paused. the cashier must have noticed that I hesitated. Without making eye contact, she asked if I would like a small bag. I tried to smile in a 'I'm somewhat earthy myself' kind of way when I said 'Yes, please.' But she didn't see my pathetic attempt at peacemaking. She sighed loudly while looking at Jebb as she bagged my 4 items. Then she was on to the next customer. 'OK, thanks,' I said, my earthy smile still showing.

So I'm not a perfect tree hugger. But I do love the earth. I have enjoyed immensely contributing to overpopulating the planet. But I try to teach my carbon-footprint-making-offspring ways of thrift and service. So is it wrong that sometimes I don't want to juggle groceries out to my car? Sometimes I just want the bag!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

General Conference

Loved it. Needed it. What can I say?! General Conference is such a highlight for me. It always gets me grounded again. They should have it quarterly for folks like me! :)

The 'Men' on their way to Priesthood Session.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break Swim

Well, it's Spring in Durango, and Spring Break for the BigG Family. As the BigG mom, I was really hoping for some sweet ol' warm spring days. I had visions of outdoor work projects--working shoulder to shoulder with the kids, raking, laughing, flashing loving smiles to one another. The sun would kiss our cheeks and we wouldn't get too warm as we happily labored together. We would joyfully ponder future flowers and eventual fruit as we lovingly watered our budding plantings.

Like I said, it's Spring in Durango. We got wind. And snow. And more wind. A little sleet. Clouds. And wind. Ya, not my favorite. Of course I managed a good pout, coupled with a refusal to do any housework for far too much of the week. (Good thing the kids have to do chores before play or there wouldn't have been any vacuuming) boohoo, poor me! I'm such a brat!! But I did love having John around for a lot of the week. That guy is cute!

While the weather kept us from getting out working in glorious family unity like I'd daydreamed, we did manage to do a great deal of kid swapping. Kids coming and going to spend the day or the night. We had sleep overs here and at friend's homes. Even Grandma G did sleep over rotations with most of the kiddos and their friends.

Cool John took Gabe and Seth up to the mountain several mornings so they could go skiing with friends. They had lots of fun here too. I actually heard Gabe say that this was the best Spring Break EVER while coming in to grab a snack before returning to jumping on his dirtbike. One night we took just the big boys for dinner. It was fun-and so...grown up!

Elise said that the sleepover at Grandma's with some girlfriends was a highlight. They did lots of crafts and nail painting. I went to check on them in the morning, and they were all hot tubbing out in the breezy chill. They loved it!!

Jackson and Jebb had fun at Grandma's and enjoyed immensely just being together (they are BFF's!). They also did the wii, the trampoline, and lots of stuff with light sabers.

I didn't get pictures of most things (pouting, remember?). But I did get pics when we went to the Rec Ctr. They have a great indoor pool and we took all the boys (Elise was out on loan in exchange for a friend of Seth). The place was PACKED! Kids were everywhere! Jackson and Jebb were SUPER excited and gleefully ran into the pool. They had gotten completely wet when a loud whistle blew. The lifeguards were telling everyone to get out of the water? What?! We just got IN! So, out we got. Apparently, there was an *ahem* 'accident' in the pool. They had to scoop it out and close the pool for an hour to be sure the heavy chlorine did it's job. Ick. Just our luck!! But we weren't going to give up that easy, we chatted, snuggled, wandered around, and got too warm in the hot tub.

The hour went surprisingly fast. The whistles blew again and we raced into the pool. We splashed, we slid, we swam. We had a flat out ball, and I learned that most people don't like to wait for an hour to get back in. Most of them go home. It was uncrowded and lovely.

Overall, the weather for Spring Break was a total drag, but we squeezed in a lot of fun. Truth be told, John was the sunshine this week. That guy can smile through it all! Thanks babe! I will try to cheer up-I know the weather has to break soon!! :)