Friday, March 27, 2009

Legacy Sign

Legacy Ranch Road is complete and we prepare to to hang the sign.

Slowly, slowly....someday maybe we will be done! :)


I took this a couple of weeks ago and hadn't yet posted it. If you know Jackson at all-you get this picture. He makes me laugh all the time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It got cold again. Brrr. I have daffodils weighed down with a smattering of snow this morning. We had to find the hats and pairs of gloves on the fly to send to school.


I know that living in a mountain town it is to be expected in March or even May, but dang. It only took me a day to shift into 'warmer weather' mode and now it's back to 'winter wants to linger' mode.

Double Dang.

So how did I deal with this abrupt change in the weather? Did I attack those dirty dishes in the sink with a vigor that would warm my chilled bones? Vacuum like a mad woman until I broke a sweat? Hmm. Nope. Of course I curled up under my big down comforter and read a book! [Sidenote: Thanks to sweet Jill that brought me a book she thought I would enjoy! How nice! :)]

So here I was-unshowered in my unmade bed with my pajama clad 3 year old watching Little Einsteins while I read. It was getting close to lunch time. I know, I know-the horror of it all! At least I live in the middle of the country where no one will bother me, right?

Then it happened. I heard the front door open and a familiar tread made it's way to my bedroom door. I froze! I looked around like I would find hide my non-makeup-wearing SAHM shame. Of course my wild eyed searching was useless. What did I think I would find? Frantic thoughts flashed in my mind. Maybe I could fake like I was sick. I tried to cough. Not at all convincing. The steps drew near. I slinked further under the covers. Maybe he wouldn't notice me-but Jebb was SO giving away my position as he too heard the footsteps and squealed "DAD!" with all this 3 year old delight.

So I sheepishly smiled... and even giggled...As John walked in the bedroom and BUSTED me!!

John laughed too and asked, with that 'you are so busted' tone, how my day was going. In my best helpless voice, I said it was so cold and miserable I just decided to pout and stay in bed reading a book.

"Besides, I don't know if I could even help it today. I think I might be part bear. I just want to hibernate when it's cold!"

He laughed at my feigned sheepishness and said, "You're part bear alright- part grizzly bear!"

Of course I jumped up and pretended to be enourmously offended. Until I started laughing. Really hard. [ Sidenote:I just need to say that I don't really think that what John said was really funny. Not in a 'my kind of humor' kind of way. But the mere fact that he tried to crack a joke... HU-freaking-LARIOUS!! ]

John grabbed me in a bear hug and kissed my forehead.

Dangity Dang. I like that guy! He had to leave for another meeting and had just popped in to get some papers and say hello. Jebb quickly jumped in for a group bear hug. I resisted jumping back in bed and after waving John off, I decided I'd better tackle those dishes and think warm thoughts. Unlike this morning, the whole warm thought thing now came pretty easily.

Monday, March 23, 2009

They Just Keep Growing Up!

John and I have noticed a strange phenomenon lately.   Our kids seem to have way more cash then we ever did at their tender age-shoot I STILL never have cash!  It certainly helps that we aren't a real shopping family.  Factor in Grandma K passing out large bills every birthday and holiday and it's easy to imagine the piggy banks were getting plump.  On top of that,  there is allowance.  I read in a book that you should give your kids 'money to manage'-a dollar per grade per week per kid (got that?  For example-Elise gets $3 per week because she is in third grade).  So ya, they are all loaded.

I miss the days when they had no money.  They are constantly wanting to tag along with me at the grocery store.  They ask to buy weird toys, gum, or junk food because, they say, they can pay for it themselves.   Hmm.   I obviously am used to being a dictator and feel very comfortable in my controlling role.  I don't like the natives getting restless and wanting to decide for themselves what to do with their resources.  Of course this is the very reason we started giving those allowances... but I still am not liking it.

John had a great idea and took all of the kids to the bank after school today.  We took all of that pocket-hole-burning-cash and put it into checking accounts.   They all got checks and ordered debit cards.  We also thought this would make tithing paying much easier-the kids can just write a check!

So I am a little bit freaked out.  Are they old enough for this?  More importantly, am I old enough to have kids who are old enough for this?

I am in a serious "When did they get so big?" phase.   I feel like they are just growing up all of the sudden and I am wanting to slow it all down a little bit.  I guess I need to embrace it and help them make sure they are ready for the responsibility that comes with getting older.  Or, I might just lock them up and find a way to stunt their growth so they really will stay little.  OK, OK, I guess I should not do the latter.
Checkbooks and suckers from the bank

Going with the whole growing up theme, we went to the Middle School tonight with Seth for the orientation of incoming 6th graders. I can't believe I am going to have another one in MS!! Seth is growing into a terrific young man.
Seth and his buddy Kanyon-ready for MS!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Strange Similarities

We are not alone.

Do these people look similar to us?

Or maybe these people?

What do these seemingly normal couples have in common with us?

They too are crazy enough to not only HAVE 5 children (and believe me, that is a whole lot of CRAZY), but they are crazy enough to meet up with the BigGFamily so ALL of us could go bowling together in one huge, kid-heavy mob!!

The Manns (girl,boy,girl,girl,boy) and their groovy friends from Denver, the Kirchhoeffers (boy,girl,girl,boy,boy) invited us (boy,boy,girl,boy,boy) to go bowling tonight. And oh what fun we had! I am sure we were quite a sight in our 4 laned, bowling shoe clad glory.

I so enjoy feeling like we are not alone in this crazy world. I am always so pleased to meet families that are fighting the good fight and raising really terrific kids. It gives me hope. It gives me comfort. I sometimes feel like the world has gone mad. It is reassuring to me to see more Suburban driving, involved, concerned, God fearing, kid loving, and yes, slightly CRAZY families!
I know this is not a very good pic, but all of us loaded into our nearly identical 'burbs after our night of pizza and bowling. I found it funny. ;)

OK, now that I have said all of that stuff, I need to get to the REAL reason I wanted to write about our bowling night! I had my best game ever. I bowled a 138!! 138!! I honestly never even break 100! I think it must be my wicked-awesome bowling form that John captured! Or maybe it was the DOPE pink bowling ball. Maybe 5 is my lucky number.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Little Man

A few days ago, Gabe got a phone call from the Executive Secretary in our ward. He is the man in charge of setting up appointments for the Bishop and he wondered if Gabe could come in tonight. Gabe agreed but when he hung up the phone, he came to me and asked why the Bishop would want to meet with him and wondered if he had done something wrong that the Bishop wanted to talk to him about. I reassured him that now that he was a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood, the Bishop would want to visit with him occasionally just to make sure he was doing all right. I didn't tell him that I knew what the Bishop wanted-- Bishop G asked John a couple of days ago if he could call Gabe to be the quorum President.

So tonight John had Gabe change into his church clothes for his interview (much grumbling) and the two of them headed to the church. This is the part where I get all sentimental and weepy as I consider how blessed I am to have not only a worthy Deacon, but a wonderful Priesthood Leader as the Patriarch of our BigGFamily. After the Bishop's interview John took Gabe to dinner to have a Father/Son chat with him. I am so grateful for John and for the good man that he is. I am so glad he is an interested father as it really makes a difference for our kids. I think fathers don't always get recognized as being important in a child's life but in our home it is obvious to me so often how important that strong male influence is (insert weepy eyed sentimental smile here). John and I are so different-which I believe is part of the design. You know-the whole yin/yang thing, right? We're "complimentary opposites within a greater whole" (that is straight out of wikipedia). But I digress.

When Gabe got home he came into my room. I asked him if the Bishop busted him or what? He had a huge grin and told me about his new calling. I told Gabe I was really proud of the Young Man that he was and said I wasn't too surprised by this calling. He then laughed and verbalized what we both knew to be true-Gabe is the only Deacon in the ward that comes! Well, I agreed and reminded him that it was now his job to see if he could get some of the other boys to come! With a hug and a kiss I hurried him off to bed. As I hit the hay myself I will go to bed with a smile thinking how grateful I am that my little Gabe has the priesthood that will help him grow into a good Man-I have a funny feeling it is happening faster than I am ready for.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lost and Found

So a few days ago I read the BLOG of a dear friend of mine. She was writing about her cousin who has been traveling around the world participating in humanitarian causes. You can follow her blog to his website. I found it utterly fascinating. So fascinating and seemingly exciting, I commented to my husband that I found a blog of the guy who was living my dream life. I paused then added a lame sounding p.s. to my comment stating that of course, it would be my dream life if I weren't already living the life I had. I even exclaimed "I'm livin' the dream!" to try to redeem myself. My husband was not amused and I think it really offended him.

I need to say that I feel like I have chosen the life that I live. I also feel like I am living the life I have chosen. I am a wife and a mother to some really terrific kids. I have learned and grown in ways that I never could have imagined before having a family. And I hope to continue learning and growing each day. I know this is THE Plan. I gladly and willingly participate in that. It's beyond obvious that the family unit is a blessed and glorious thing and I am truly grateful and humbled to be a part of it. I don't doubt for a moment that this really is the life I am meant to lead. Wife and Mother. I'm ALL IN on that.

That being understood, I also can say that being domesticated has not come naturally nor easily for me. I get bogged down in the day to day. I don't like cleaning the house everyday. I'm not a good cook. I am a moody wife. I am not a natural nurturer. I lack patience. I lack most things that make a stellar wife and mom. I can feel fabulously lonely and at times and I long for a different type of intellectual stimulation and adult interaction. I will also say that I am much more comfortable in my role as wife/mom now than I was years ago. I have grown. I have improved. I have had lots of practice and I think it has helped. Of course, each day brings new challenges and I have to keep learning, but I don't feel like I am hanging on by my fingernails like I often did as a young mom.

There are a couple of scriptures that I have reflected on through the years.

Eccl. 3: 1
1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

I am selfish. I want to do what I want to do. Therefore, I truly have tried to embrace this and know that there are things that I just need to let go of for right now. I have found great measures of peace in my life as I have pondered this scripture and have been able to be content knowing there is a bigger timeframe. As I have let go of different things I want to do right now, I also like knowing that maybe there will be a season for those things in the future, just not right now. It really helps the self-centered-me let go.

Matthew 10:39
39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

This scripture is obviously along the same lines. I have tried to live this scripture in small ways throughout my life. I have tried to let go of things I need and look outside of myself. I think this scripture talks about submitting your personal will to the will of God and serve Him by serving others. While I can honestly say that I do this in bits and pieces, I can also honestly say that I haven't lost my whole life. (See above starting with "I am selfish.")    I know on an intellectual level that I hope to submit fully.   This is when the immensely greater power of God can then work through us--God's imperfect children.   I'm just not there yet-I still want what I want (blast that Natural Man!).

So now is the part where I wonder how me being a wife and a mom fits into me being a member of the larger world. If I truly have lost my 'self' how will that look? Will I be 100% involved in serving my family? Will I maybe be 70% family, 30% church? Maybe 50% family, 35% church, and 15% community? How will I be when I have given up what I want and embrace what He wants for me? Going back to the first scripture, I think it will look different as I move through my 'seasons.'     How can you know if what you are doing is the right thing at the right time?

I know I need to find Joy in the journey, but I am wondering if the journey can ever include adventures outside of the walls of the home.   Hmm, as I'm writing this I am thinking maybe my motivation is what matters.   Am I really wanting to serve humanity, or am I just wanting to get out of the dang house?  Maybe that is the key.  The desires of my heart.   Maybe I just need to be sure to be more honest with myself and the Lord.  Oh ya, and I guess that would require me being less selfish and more of a seeker/listener.  Boy, it sure would be easier though if I had a nice percentage breakdown based on age...

I know that if I will listen, I am not going to miss out on any grand adventures, right?  Or maybe (as so often happens to me) if I just keep moving my feet, the Lord will lead me into adventures I hadn't even considered.   Wow, this is a lot of blabbing when I just should have said that if it works out, I really would love to ride an elephant in the jungle someday....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Ya- I'm Feelin' It!

The weather was so nice today that when Jebb asked to eat dinner outside, we all thought it was a grand idea. It was a delight. I am so excited for longer days, summer BBQ's, and the rising mercury!

And yes ladies and gentlemen, we have BLOOMAGE! This is the year's first daffodil. It opened up today and I smiled as I cleaned out the flower bed it resides in. I hope it will last! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seth Flips

Since changing to early church at the new year, we have fallen into a mealtime tradition. We have pancakes, eggs, & bacon for lunch when we get home. It is fast and yummy. This week, Seth was the pancake guy. We love chocolate chips in our cakes!

I think I like it when these kiddos cook for the family! It was unanimous (I know Jebb looks angry, but he was just enthusiastic with his endorsement of Seth's skills!) They were delicious! Thanks Seth!

Friday, March 13, 2009

John turns 42!

Today is my amazing hubby's b-day. He is just getting better with age. I will tell you what a great sport he is. I didn't get him anything for his birthday. Nothing. Nada. Zero.  Yet he was still gracious and smiling.  What a sport!!  xoxo

Luckily, I have a beautiful daughter that takes after her thoughtful father. Elise helped Jackson and Jebb wrap stuff up for John in gift bags. She also wrote sweet little notes for him. I love that girl!
I love the candy that she taped on here!
This one says "I am a 24 hour stress reliever! Squeeze me and I will relief your stress p.s. Happy b-day" It was this little orange ball in the bag. So sweet!!
Jackson gave John his favorite snake. Jebb also wrapped up this truck and trailer and told John he could take it to work to put on his desk.

OK, OK, John did get one real present. These are BMW riding pants that he got for his motorcycle. He is gonna look GOOD! I know he likes them because he picked them out. (Insert lame wife joke here.)

Jebb is obsessed with the camera lately and we let him take this picture of us! 

Happy Birthday Boyfriend!!  
  I Love You!!!

Update: Here's Hank's gift for John-Wrinkle Cream!!  Too funny!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Give Me a Lift

Gabe is a fun big brother!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Lucky Day

Fourteen years ago today I went on a date that would change my life in a most profound and delightful way.

I was a student at BYU and I was living the life! I loved being a student in Provo, I loved my roommates (Kristi I miss you!), I loved all the great people I was meeting, and I loved all the fun experiences I was having. Every day was an adventure and I savored it. I had reconnected with an old friend, Rees, after his wife passed away (I had never met her and I think he enjoyed telling me about her). One day, Rees told me there was this guy coming to town and he wanted to set me up with him. Hmmm. No Thanks-I was staying plenty busy and had no desire to take a chance on a stranger.

That weekend, I had gone to SLC with Rees and he wondered if we could drop by his buddy Kip's house. Ya, sure. So we popped in on Kip and his cute fiance, Jessica. Kip's brother happened to be visiting from out of town. I was a little bugged. This was the guy Rees wanted me to meet...sneaky. I chatted a bit. He was nice enough. Kinda cute. Engaging. Enthusiastic. Confident. Kinda old (27!!). But his smile. Mmm. His smile grabbed me. It made his eyes get these little wrinkles in the corners-I liked that. But I was ready to go. I didn't want to be set up, thank you very much. So Kip's brother walked us to the car.

John. An unremarkable name, but there was something really charming about him and he asked me to come back to SLC the next night for dinner. Even though I had other plans, I accepted. When I got back to Provo I changed my mind. I didn't want to bother with an out of towner-Provo had plenty to offer. So when John called that next afternoon, I told him I couldn't make it. But he didn't give up. He was very persuasive. I could imagine those smiling eyes trying to coax me back to SLC for the night. I relented. I was unsure, but I organized my night so I could meet up with him.

We met up with several of his friends at a place called The Farmer's Daughter-and played pool. Not what I was typically used to coming from Provo, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed John's friends. I stink at pool, but John took up my slack. After pool, John and I took off together. He let me drive the '67 Ford truck he had just bought. It was raining a little bit and the streets were wet. I peeled out. We drove up behind the Capital building overlooking the city. I hardly saw the twinkling lights of the city. I couldn't stop looking in his twinkling eyes. Such kind eyes. We talked and talked for hours about life and different ideas. He listened to me and he made me stop and think. Hmmm. I liked him. I really liked him.

When I finally decided I'd better get back to Provo, I remember hoping that he liked me too. He wanted to come see me in Provo the next night. "YES!!" I silently yelled in my mind. "Um, I have to work, but maybe we could do something after that?" I calmly replied.

As I drove home I felt like I was driving in a bubble of pure LUCKY! I also thought I should slow down, so I eased back to 76 which is what the cop clocked me at when he pulled me over. I didn't have my liscence and couldn't find the registration but even that cop refused to mess with fate, even he could sense the LUCKY, and he let me off with a warning. It WAS my Lucky day. My Fabulously Lucky Day!

Interestingly, my sisters both knew he was the one for me the first time they met him. They could see how he made my smile go all the way up into my eyes. It didn't take me much longer to figure it out myself, although I think I had a pretty good idea from that first date. He was special. Different. Extraordinary. It was that first date that started the last 14 years of a lucky streak I plan to ride for all I can. Thank you John for rolling the dice and taking a chance with me! You made me the luckiest girl around!

Shower Time

These boys are growing up fast and I don't want to forget how adorable I think they are! :) This is their typical after-shower look. Jebb the monkey and Jackson the lion.
Jebb hams it up and Jackson tries to show me the 'black space' where his missing tooth is.

They put on these towel, wrap up, and curl up in a ball on my floor until they dry and warm up. I love these little guys!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward

So recently I have been in a bit of a funk. I always seem to get this way after Groundhog Day. I think it's because I am ready for Spring and there often seems to be 6 more weeks of winter. So I pout a little. And I mope around. I get most things done, but I kinda just take it as it comes. I have been lacking a plan and the gusto to make it happen.

Maybe it's the cold temperatures. Maybe it's the short days. Maybe it's the economy. Maybe it's having sick kids every day for the last two weeks. I still do all of my day to day Mom stuff, but I think I am like these flowers out in our front bed. I know what I need to be doing, but I am still refusing to just bloom.

Whatever it is, I have decided it is time to Spring Forward!!

I took a couple of other pictures around our yard. These are the buds on the purple plum tree-don't they look like they are ready to spite of the snow still on the mountains! ;)
And check out these daffodills emerging in front of my totally TRICK custom rock. My bigG hubby handmade that little beauty for me for Christmas a few years back. It says "Family" and has a little mate in the garden that says "Forever." I had to put those in the post because really, that is what IT is all about. (IT=why we're here and what really matters!)

I know these days go by too fast for me to be sulking around. I am ready to get back in the groove and bloom where I am planted! I am ready to make the sunshine instead of waiting for the clouds to part. I truly believe we are free to choose what we want life to bring us and I am ready to bring the warmth and grow a little this Spring!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Annual 5th Grade Concert.

Tonight we got to go see Seth and Elise perform in the district wide 5th grade concert. All 5th graders get to sing in one huge pre-middle-school choir. All elementary school orchestras also participate (this is typically 4th & 5th graders). It is held at the High School gym and it is always a packed house. Although I do NOT like the High School bleachers (not enough space between rows...knees too close to shoulder blades), I LOVE this concert each year. I actually video taped portions of it-ahhh, memories.

The 5th grade choir sits in the bleachers on the opposite side of the gym from most of the parents, then the orchestra fills the gym floor. With the video camera, I could really zoom in and see Seth pretty well. Gabe was sitting next to me and we were both peering into the tiny screen. Gabe verbalized what I noticed when he commented that Seth wasn't even lip syncing. That little turkey! He has such a nice singing voice, but for some reason he will not sing! I have to figure out how to encourage him. Maybe guitar lessons? Who knows!

The orchestra was brilliant and of course I think my kids were terrific! You can't string-sync so Seth played really well as did my little Elise. She and her best bud Afton are only in 3rd grade but they both participate in the orchestra. They looked so darling playing right along with the bigger kids. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing my kids make music. It is so fun! I do hope they all stick with it. Gabe seems to be enjoying the cello in Middle School although we shamelessly bribed him to stay with it at the beginning of the year. He is even participating in a little competition this weekend (granted, he get extra credit for it) and he is encouraging Seth to take orchestra next year too. I truly love to see them make music and i hope all will keep doing it!

Good job kids! It was worth cramming into those bleachers to see you both shine!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hot Shot

Seth and I went to John's Rec League B-ball game tonight. His team is a bunch of construction guys and they won the final game of the round-robin winning the whole thing. I think it amazes the kids that he can actually do stuff. :) Way to go Hot Shot!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Last week was one of those where we went from one activity to another. Since this is my journal/blog, I need to mention a few. Not the funnest to read, but I want to catch up.

Wed night was Elise's 3rd Grade Play. It was a play based on the book "King Bidgood's in the Bathtub," a story of a King who wouldn't get out of the tub. Gabe and Seth had scouts and rode with a neighbor. I stayed home with sick Jackson and 3yr old Jebb. John took his princess on a date to see her perform. He took the video camera so I could watch later, only to realize the battery was dead. I heard it went well!

Thursday was Parent/Teacher conferences after school. Way to go Seth and Elise! Good conferences!

Because of Wednesday's program, Achievement Days was changed to Thursday night. I wanted to teach about tithing. We met at my house and while we waited to begin I invited the girls to draw on the tablecloth all the things the Lord had given them. Trees, rainbows, homes, families, butterflies, and the like soon covered the table. We read some scriptures, then dipped and decorated pretzels. I emphasized the fact that I had purchased the pretzels, chocolate, sprinkles, foil, and all supplies to make these treats and I wanted us to give them as gifts to special people. I told the girls they while I would let them snack on the pretzels, once they were decorated, they were off limits. The girls did a great job. They took 10 decorated pretzels and we wrapped them up. I then told the girls that I was giving the pretzels to them, just because I loved them. The girls were pretty excited and a few triumphantly said, "I knew you would give these to us! " I then asked them if they would be willing to give me back just one of their treats. They all gladly obliged. I then explained that this was the principal of tithing. The Lord gives us everything we have and only asks for 10% back. What a great deal! I think the girls got it. Fun.

Friday I got to go out with my boyfriend. We drove to Farmington for a Seminary function. All of the seminary teachers in the region were invited. We watched a CES broadcast featuring Elder Cook of the 12. I wish I had brought pen and paper as it was a great and thought provoking talk about our youth and the challenges they face. It also emphasized the exponential growth of the church and the missionary program. Seminary teachers (and parents) need to prepare these youth for the task at hand. Very inspiring! They served us a yummy dinner and I have to say I totally enjoyed it. We saw the Hiatts from Bayfield there but didn't really know the other people we sat with. But it was perfectly comfortable. We talked about seminary, missions, church, family and other mormony stuff. I so enjoy hanging with members of the church. I love feeling comfortable in that unique culture where so many of us share similar life experiences. Great night.

Saturday Gabe went on a Youth Temple Trip. I sent the camera but he came back without any pics for me but said he had a good day. Seth had DI all day (a school thing). I took Jackson into the doctor when he woke up with blood coming out of his ear. Yikes. He told me his ear hurt but he really didn't seem too bugged by it. So I waited. Lame Mom. he has antibiotics and drops now. Poor little guy. John and I decided to take Elise and J&J downtown-we were stir crazy. I bought chocolate-lots of chocolate-it was the Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory seconds sale. Cheap, yummy, slightly odd looking chocolate. Saturday night was the adult session of Stake Conference. I got to go out with my hot hubby two nights in a row. We met the Manns for Tequila's before the session as Greg has just returned from skiing in Alaska and John had to hear all about it. Crazy and fun! John loved getting the details. We saw several other couples there too! Love that! The SC session was SO good. Once again I was struck by how much I love being with other members of the church. I love feeling like we are not alone as we strive to live our religion. It is also like a mini reunion as we see friends from other wards and from over the mountain in Cortez. I wish we all lived a little closer together. :)

Today was then Stake Conference for everyone-so ya, kids on metal chairs for 2 hours. I have to admit I liked Sat's session better... but it was still great to be there with all of the familiar faces from around our Stake. The Francoms shared their cool toys (thanks!), so we made it through without too much ruckus. I wish we all could have stayed for a giant Stake Potluck or something! I never get to say hello to everyone I hope to. Maybe I will just have to plan something myself next time. Hmm Gotta think about that one. :) It was a lovely afternoon with naps and bread making. Hank joined us as we delivered a few loaves to our Bayfield friends and dropped in to visit our friend Cindy-she lives way up in the high pines.

So another week is done. And how did it become March so fast?! Sorry for the documentary. I am hoping we will all be well soon and maybe we'll stumble across a good drama or even a comedy if we are lucky at the BigG home.