Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Rest of the Break

Christmas is lovely. Christmas is nice. Christmas is only 3 days in on a 2 week vacation! Now what do we do?!

We could definately work on eating all the treats that come with the Holidays.
Snowmobiling is fun-even funner is you can talk someone into being pulled behind it on a sled-this is Gabe and his friend Collin.
Sledding is always a winner, Jackson and his friend Sam at Grandma's house.
The well we get our water from got a faulty switch somehow so John worked on it, outside, in the snow, all day.  He managed to do a patchy repair until the 'well guy' was off vacation.
The water situation didn't slow our rate of Hot Cocoa consumption. We went through a Costco sized container.
Snowball fights.  Yeah-it has snowed a ridiculous amount here lately.
We watched a few movies while Elise played with the timer on her camera.
And of course we went up to the Mountain-we met up there with the Mann Clan. Here is a picture of Elise, Karver, Afton, Me, and Kaeli. I was afraid I wouldn't remember how to ski, but apparently it's like riding a bike...

Lots of stuff for us to enjoy! It is our tradition to have a big New Years Eve Party with lots of small children playing with fire, but we skipped the fireworks in the back yard this year and packed up for SLC to visit with all of my sisters.

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Laurene Ross said...

I love the way Elise takes pictures. It is so different from Jack. It just shows the difference between boys and girls. I hope you love the snow, my goodness! I am glad for a few flurries.