Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Nativity Play

A Nativity Play
By, Michelle Gilleland

Wiseman 1- Wow! That was one LOUSY hotel!

Wiseman 2- No Kidding! That place is so crowded, I had to share a floor mat with HIM! (pointing to WM 3)

Wiseman 3- And you snore like you have the sands of 1000 deserts stuck in your nose. (to wiseman 2)

WM 2- At least I don’t pet your head in the night and call you ‘Fuzzy Knees”

WM 1- (to WM 3) Isn’t that the name of your camel?

WM 3- Do you have a problem with that?

WM 2- (chuckling) No, no problem.

WM 1- O.K. you two-- remember why we’re here. We are on an important errand.
The Wise Man Association of the Far East has sent us to find the New King

WM 2- Yeah- it’ll be nice to find Him----that Herod fellow is a real fruitcake! I heard he was dropped on his head once too often as a baby--he has issues!

WM 3- Maybe he stood out in that hot Bethlehem sun too long. haha

WM 1- Let’s stay focused on our task. This definately would be a bad weekend for the prophecies fortelling the new King to be fulfilled.

WM 2-- I have never seen Bethlehem so crowded! I should have made our reservations for a few more days, but every Hotel and Inn is booked from here to Nazareth!

WM 1- It’s that crazy tax system Caesar came up with- How does He expect the whole world to be taxed?!

WM 3- Looks like we might be sleeping with the Shepherds tonight, men.

WM 2- Don’t worry, we’ll have Fuzzy Knees

Narrator: Luke 2:1 and Luke 2:3-5

Enter Joseph and Mary

Joseph- Well Mary, this is Bethlehem, where my family is from. Of course, it isn’t usually so crowded. It’s typically a great place to raise a family.

Mary- Oh Joseph, I hope it’s a good place to START a family because I’m afraid it’s time.

J- You mean?!! (points to Mary’s belly)

M- (calmly) Yes, Joseph. I think we had better find a place...quickly.

J- Every inn we’ve passed has turned us away. This town is packed! This is the only inn left. Don’t worry Mary- I’ll just explain the urgency of our situation- they can’t turn us away.

Narrator- Luke 2:6

Inn Keeper- Sorry-- Can’t you read the sign? NO Vacancy

J- But, sir, please..

IK- Sorry son! Caesar’s decree has brought in half the Middle East to Bethlehem. David had lots of decendants and they ALL want a room!

J- But my wife... she is expecting our first child

IK- That’s too bad my boy, but honestly, I couldn’t even find you a room if I wanted to. Why even MY room is wall-to-wall with my in-laws!

J- But sir... my wife is expecting our first child RIGHT NOW!

IK- What?! Oh dear! Let me get my wife. We have 8 children of our own-- all sleeping on the floor in the storage room. She’ll know what to do.

Wife- Hello my dear. My husband told me all about it-- Don’t worry darling. Our inn is so full you wouldn’t even be able to find a spot to lie down- and we need some privacy. I have an idea. I told my husband to clear us out a spot in the stables.

J- (Worried) The stables? Oh dear... Mary... I...

M- (calmly) Don’t worry Joseph. It will be alright.

J- But the stables...?

M- It will be more peaceful than the crowded streets.

Wife- And a little more private, dear. My daughters are getting a place ready. These stables have housed the horses of royalty-- I think they’ll be suitable for you. Leave it to me- We’ll have hot water and swaddling clothes ready!

M- Thank you so much for your kindness.

Wife- Of course dear, now come with me. Joseph, you put away the donkey--here this way!

Narrator- Luke 2:7

Wife- (coming out of stable smiling) It’s a PERFECT baby boy!

Narrator- Luke 2:8

Shepherd 1- WOW! What a night! I never get tired of looking up at the stars.

S 2- We’ve looked at these stars since we were boys and I don’t remember seeing a star like that one (points to the loft) Is that new?

S 3- Yes! That is one crazy, bright star! I think the sheep will never fall asleep it’s so bright!

S 4- Can you believe how many people have come to Bethlehem?!

S 1- It’s those darn taxes! We have relatives of relatives we’ve never met staying at our place.

S 3- Us too! My crazy second cousin showed up with his 14 children-- He said the hotel lost his reservation!

S 5- Maybe with that new star shining so brightly my wife’s sister will be able to find our house. She has NO sense of direction.

S 4- I guess we’d better settle in for the night-star or no star.

Narrator: Luke 2:9 and 10”And the angel said unto them”

Angel- “FEAR NOT! I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

Narrator: Luke 2:13-14

Narrator: “And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven the shepherds said unto one another...”

Shepherd 1- “Let us now go even unto Bethlehem. The sheep will be fine for a while

S 3- I’m glad that angel opened with “Fear Not” because I addmit I was a little shocked!

S 2- I think the sheep liked the music. I sure did!!

S 1- Come on you guys, let’s go...with HASTE

Narrator- Luke 2:16

Wise Man 3- Look! There it is!! It’s the Star! The guys in the Wise Man Association are never going to believe this one!

WM 2- They can probably see it themselves!

WM 3- Good point

WM 1- Let’s not waste time it doesn’t matter how crowded the streets are, we have got to follow that star! Hurry! And get the Myrrh!!!

Narrator- Matt 2:10-11

Shepherd 1 (stands and addresses audience) We have seen the Child just as the angels told us.

Shepherd 2- Will you join us in singing for the baby?

All sing Silent Night

Narrator Luke 2:19-20

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meegz said...

perfect! I was going to ask for this. You should have seen my Mom acting out the angel Christmas Eve. Great fun!:) Thanks for this.