Sunday, December 14, 2008

Off Again, On Again

Relationships are complex things. There is give and take. Ebb and flow. Taking off a mattress. Putting that super heavy mattress back on. That's right. I am giving THE ONE three more days to win me over. I am going to try a fatter pillow. There are lots of factors involved. I want John to be happy. We get bored on Sunday afternoons. We have to return THE ONE to Albuquerque (this is the main reason). I am indecisive and somewhat kooky (this is the REAL main reason).

Honestly, my fickle affection wouldn't be so bad if THE ONE didn't weigh like 14,000 pounds. I think that memory foam is made of lead. Hank was John's partner in pain as they lugged that sucker around. Well, I guess the fact that John already repacked THE ONE in it's box kinda added to the 'drag factor' too. He did a really great job packing it up last night-very thorough. This gives some insight into what my dear, sweet husband has to deal with on a daily basis. Anyone that has to manage me and keep me happy (which John does SO well) is going straight to heaven (I'm such a good wife-getting him to heaven and all)!! I almost named this post: John is a poor, poor b****rd.


meegz said...

Well, Hmmm? I wish I had some suggestions. I've heard that memory foam isn't for some people. We got something similar to that memory foam but it's not THE ONE. :) We both love it and when we sleep on others and he bounces me around when he rolls over -- I am CRANKY!!! I do love our ONE. Sorry it's not working out so hot for you. and yes, poor john...but really, he has two loves at this point...why feel bad for him?

PS... I am AMAZED at how you get him to pose for your pictures.

Laurene Ross said...

I hope you get some GOOOOOOD sleep tonight. i t does make all the difference in your day. What a trooper John is. He must really love you.

Lucy said...

Change your title! Change your title! We have the sleep number bed and it is definitely THE ONE for us. My setting is a soft and concave as a hammock and Jay's side is as firm as a board. We did put a memory foam on top of it because we both liked the one we had on our previous bed and it's worked out well for us. Of course, it's hard to meet in the middle but if Jay wants to snuggle, all he has to do is roll downhill:)

fourlittleloves said...

Love the post! You make me laugh! And thanks so much for your SWEET, KIND, CUTE comment on FB! You made my day :o) I hope you are having a great night with all of this snow!!! Talk to you soon!!
Love, Tiff