Monday, December 15, 2008

FHE at the Casino

Here in Durango we do things a little differently. We are somewhat on the 'fringe' of Mormondom. That being said, you can only imagine what it is like in Ignacio. Haven't heard of it? It is the small community 20 minutes from Durango in the Rural direction. It is the town that John grew up outside of. It is also the homeland of the fabulously wealthy Southern Ute Indian Tribe. What does all of this equal? Let's add it up. Rural+rich Utes+fringy+Monday night=New Casino where we had FHE tonight!

That's right. For Family Home Evening tonight we went to the new Casino. Before you panic with visions of my young impressionable children playing the slots with glossy eyed stares, it's important to know that the 'Rolling Thunder Lanes' Bowling Alley was included in the new construction. That's right, our county once again has a bowling alley thanks to the new Casino. Our previous one at the old mall was taken out years ago and replaced by a weird department store. The stale cigarette smell lingered in the men's department as a remembrance of lanes past for years.

I don't consider myself a bowler. I feel really excited if I break 100. My children have only been bowling at family reunions in Utah (we are culturally deprived). So this was a treat. There is something really nice about bowling at a new facility. My favorite thing was the new bowling shoes. They looked like I was the first one to wear them (size 11 womens-maybe I was the first...). Bowling balls were abundant and easy to find in various sizes. I loved the computer scorekeeper and the auto-bumpers that come up for the little guys. Everything was still clean and shiny.

We invited Hank and Grandma along and we split up into 2 lanes. We had a GREAT night! I couldn't believe how busy it was on a Monday night. We expected it to be busy because of the new/novel factor, but there also happened to be a blizzard revving up outside. The roads were terrible, but it didn't keep everyone away because 80% of the 24 lanes were full! The computer would tell you how fast you bowled and we all laughed when Jackson and Jebb's throws were clocked at 1.5 mph. One time the ball stopped half way down the lane and a worker had to retrieve it! They didn't have those cool contraptions that you can roll the ball down like they have in Utah! :) The other kids did fine and enjoyed turning off and on the bumpers. We lasted for 2 games before heading out.

I think everyone had a good time. John explained to the kids how our company put all of the dirt under the casino and built all of the parking lots and the new intersection out front. Our crews worked on the casino for over 2 years. Since we don't gamble (we're not THAT fringy) it was fun to be able to go there and enjoy the more wholesome fruits of John's labors.


Laurene Ross said...

You crazy guys, Sure it was for the bowling. I believe you. You have the pics to prove it. Some how I don't remember you in the pics...interesting, very interesting.

meegz said...

I guess I haven't been there in a while. I didn't know the old bowling alley was gone. Sad....I have LOTS of memories of that nasty place.

Our family LOVES to bowl -- good family fun!! And the casino--- no worries, I grew up in them, and hey, I'm okay.:)