Friday, December 19, 2008

Early Morning Concert

Seth and Elise had a concert this morning before school. They both play violin in the orchestra. We have them to school at 7:15 twice a week which I have found surprisingly pleasant. In our pre-seminary days, John was really great about reading scripture with the kids every morning. Now that I am in charge of the morning mayhem, we have failed miserably in that department. We do pray every the car. We make it on time every morning, but not without the mad rush factor.

Orchestra is so early that they won't let Jackson into the school. Morning person that I am not, you would think I might catch a nap in the parking lot, but I have found something we all like better. Twice a week during orchesta, I get to sit in the car with Gabe (who also waits as he is there long before the transfer bus to the Jr. High arrives), Jackson, and Jebb and we read the Book of Mormon Reader. Although still not ideal, it has been a surprisingly pleasant way to spend 15 minutes in a parking lot.

So this morning we got to see what Elise and Seth have been learning while we parked. Their teacher Mrs Wiley sure bragged this group of kids up. She said she had to borrow music from the Jr. High to challenge them. Of course I loved hearing her and ate it all up with a beaming smile. The concert was really nice. This group really IS doing well. Now I will brag a little. Seth, like Gabe, seems to have a knack but not much desire for playing stringed instruments. I can't imagine what Mrs. Wiley would say if the kid actually practiced. Elise is only in 3rd grade (only 4th and 5th graders typically are allowed in orchestra), but she is solid. If she will stick with it she's got big potential!

There's not a lot in life that makes me hop happily out of bed early in the morning, but these orchestra mornings certainly get me to roll out with a smile before I crack the whip. I love seeing my kids grow and learn new things. Some things really are worth getting up early for.

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Lucy said...

I am not a morning person. Every single morning, I think, "Can I just keep everyone home today?" and not because I have a burning desire to be with them all day. I just cannot get going in the morning!

I'm glad you have these two days of happy family morning time, though. Maybe I need to get myself a couple of violins to appreciate the dawn of day.