Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

I have always enjoyed Christmas Morning, but having kids makes it really great. And if kids make it great, then having one of them be a 3 year old is just the icing on the Christmas Fruitcake. This year Jebb is our 3 year old. He is old enough to 'get it.' Free stuff..all wrapped up...I can now rip it open to find my free stuff. Merry Christmas.

Maybe I like 3 year old gift opening because it makes me feel like such an extraordinary gift giver. Who would squeal and giggle over unwrapping church socks? That's right-the 3 year old. Jebb even got up and showed them around. All of the kids were actually really terrific. Very gracious, happy, excited, and grateful at all the right times. I really loved seeing them open the gifts form each other. The giver and the receiver rejoiced together. That's the idea right? (Good thing I kicked myself out of bed to take them shopping yesterday!)

I didn't get a lot of good pictures, but Elise got a camera as her big Santa gift this year, and she had a few. She also had individual pictures of each item in her stocking as well as every item she unwrapped. Very well documented sweet heart! ;)
Of course we had to get a new wii game-John tries it out.
OK, I am going to kick Santa's butt for these. They actually talk and change your own voice into a 'Trooper' voice. John smiled as he told me he would have LOVED these as a kid! Good pic Elise!
Grandma and Hank came over (they actually got here before the kids were awake-Grandma was freaked out that the kids slept in as long as they did). Hank got everyone a gift and put a lot of thought into each one. This is what he got John for the boat next summer. Way to show me up Hank!
Here is another Elise picture! Me and the Man.

I always find it mind boggling that the mountain of ripped paper, discarded bows, and tons of those little wires they use to hold action figures in place, all used to fit neatly under the tree. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa was good to you!

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