Friday, December 12, 2008

The C&J Co. Party

Tonight was the long awaited company party. Every year I get to hang out with a bunch of tough gravel guys (most of whom I don't know) and their wives/girlfriends/baby mamas. You can always count on a colorful evening. We have had it in a variety of venues over the years but have gone to the Strater Hotel for the last several. The kareoke is better once everyone has had a few drinks.
Here we are on our way, you can sense the anticipation... you can see John holding me back.

Each year we give out gifts with the bonus checks. This year we went with knives and gloves. These are the office gals that get it all organized. They do a great job every year.

Hank shows me his knife. If you look closely, you can see the little C&J logo. Cute.

Everyone pitched in to get John a GPS. John and Perry.

One really fun thing is the dancing. One of the dirt guys grabbed my camera and took this of us. We realized we hadn't danced since the last Christmas party.

There were over 100 people there last night. I kinda miss the days when I knew everyone and we went bowling for the party. Although it isn't easy to shoot the sheesh with so many strangers, I really am glad we have the party each year to thank everyone that works with us. I appreciate the nice things everyone says about my husband. I know since he's the boss their comments are tinged with 'sunshine,' but I still like it! :)

Another party done. Until next year-I think I would like to have it at the new Casino so we can bowl!


Laurene Ross said...

Looks like so much fun. You guys are all about fun right? Glad you got to dance.

Lucy said...

Cute pictures of the two of you. I'm glad the party was such a success. I didn't know there was dancing and karaoke. Is it looked down on to crash the C&J annual party?:)