Saturday, December 13, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Tonight we are home. It is the Holiday Season and as would be expected, we have plans tonight. So why, then, are we home? Well, I have a headache, stemming from my shoulder ache. Not a great reason to stay home. Not even a good one. Besides, I am a Ross. This means that if there is a ward function-I'm there supporting it. But alas, I am also now a Gilleland. This means that I can skip now and then (I hope that doesn't offend you honey). Normally this means I would skip a choir practice. Or maybe a wood cutting project-oh wait, never mind-a Gilleland would never miss a wood cutting project. OK, so usually I would feel OK missing a choir practice...if I felt really comfortable with my part...and there were still several more weeks until the performance.

All right, so this is not normal. We missed the Ward Christmas Party! They were collecting presents for the Women's Shelter and I DID send those to the party with our neighbor. Listen to me rationalizing why it's not so bad that I ditched. I mean, I know my Eternal Salvation doesn't hinge on the Christmas Party 2008 attendance, but I don't skip stuff. Oh well. It's too late now. Skipped it I have. And not just alone, I have brought all of my impressionable children along in my handbasket.

Why then have I fallen off my attendance wagon? That would bring us back to the headache-stemming from the shoulder ache. I have had a nagging pain in my right shoulder that started about 3 weeks ago. A couple of days ago, I had the nagging pain spread to my left shoulder. The combo has been a recipe for a pretty sweet headache. By 'sweet' I mean 'effectively painful.' I have resorted to carrying a little bottle of candy coated pain relief (ie Advil) around in my purse when I most certainly prefer peanut M&M's. But I digress.

So what happened 3 weeks ago to cause my discomfort which lead to my eventual fall from Party attendance? I know the answer, but I have hoped it would go away or resolve itself. Alas, it has not. 3 weeks ago, John brought home THE ONE. His new mattress he found and fell in love with. His memory foam-topped piece of sleeping joy. Yes, that's right. I am not adjusting well to THE ONE. My wide shoulders don't like the firm feel. They say it takes a while to break in foam, and happily the funky foam smell has faded. But we only have a 30 day trial period. If we don't exchange it before then, we have THE ONE forever. And forever is a chance we have decided not to take.

John has handled the whole thing like a champ, pretending he doesn't mind. OK, he has cried a little. OK, a lot. But between my aches and funky-foam-smell-induced nightmares, he thinks we can find a better compromise in a mattress. So tonight, on the night of the Christmas Party, we packed up THE ONE. After a moment of silence, we decided to have a little movie night with the kids to soften the blow. 'Fred Claus' wasn't as cool as watching our kids lip sync a Primary musical number, but munching popcorn and soda while we all snuggled on the big red couch helped.

I hope John can learn to love again. He deserves a great nights sleep too! How can you not just love a guy who is so willing to pose for pictures that make me smile?!


George and Eva Ross said...

Wow! The memory foam got to me, too. We bought a mattress topper 6 inches thick and I just couldn't sleep on it. Dad was sad to part with it. Thank goodness he chose to keep me instead of the foam. It is so dense and just isn't comfortable on the back and the shoulders. It must be genetic!

Lucy said...

This is so funny (except for your shoulder/body pain and John's grief) but really...thanks for allowing your pain to be our pleasure. What fun to read. And John's picture is perfect.