Monday, December 29, 2008

The Blessing Box-A Report

I wanted to write a summary of our Blessing Box(Click here for more info) experiment. I got this idea in a wonderful email from my Sister in Law at the first of the month-just in time to start a 24 day long excercise in counting our material blessings. I had several people tell me they, too, were doing the BB and I would love to hear their experiences also.

We started off pretty strong. We had an FHE to make the 'Box.' We started with a shoe box and covered it in construction paper. Elise made some cute decorations for it.

The box was left on the kitchen table all month so we would remember it and for the first several nights we were quite diligent. I have to say that it took only a few nights for this excercise to really sink in with the kids. They were stunned at the totals we came up with each night. Counting the socks in the house is what really drove home the concept of abundance to me. I was amazed at the quantity! Of course with 5 kids and a husband who still has socks from 15 years ago, you know the number is going to be pretty high. We had over 100 pairs of socks-granted, some were weird, rarely worn, or sport specific-but still, over 100! It was actually physically counting them that changed the abstract idea of 'lots' into a concrete realization that we DO have SO, SO much abundance in our material lives.

Then we got kinda busy and missed a few nights. Then we did a few. Then missed a few. It was actually after Christmas that we finished. We all split up and made quick work out of counting the remaining items. We didn't do it nightly, but we did do it all.

Overall I think it was an outstanding excercise. The kids loved it. They loved checking drawers and cupboards for every last toothbrush or bar of soap. They worked together and all wanted to donate money to meet our final tally. So by adding pennies, nickel, and dimes together each day as we counted our material blessings like vegetables, TP, and water faucets, we came up with a grand total of $53.38 that we will use to buy supplies for school children in Tobago. But maybe even more importantly, we all came away with a renewed sense of how blessed we really are to live in this country at this time in history. The Blessing Box truly helped us to count ours!

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Cajsa said...

Okay Michelle, what exactly do you do for this blessing box and do ou just count anything or does everyone count the same thing? Let me know. it's something we need to do-and then what's the money thing?