Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Achievement Day Creations

Tonight was my first time meeting with the Achievement Day girls. These are Primary girls ages 8-11. It was so fun! I have a great bunch of girls (including Elise) and they are at a fun age when they are excited about everything. I decided to do something involving candy-always a sure bet. I went for a country variation on the traditional gingerbread house and I assembled log cabins from pretzels with graham cracker roofs. I glue gunned the basic structure together in advance so we would have more time to decorate.

Thank goodness for that had the frosting recipe. That stuff is like white concrete! I separated it up into ziplocs for each girl. I encouraged each girl to bring candy and I of course brought lots of different stuff. We sat around a long table and as each girl opened her candy and put it in a cup, she had to tell us something great about herself. It was sweet to hear what each girl shared as we went around 3 times. I then related the idea that although each of us brought candy, it all looked and tasted a little different. It was all going to help make our homes fun and beautiful. We are all daughters of God, but we are all a little different. This is what would make Achievement days fun and beautiful. The girls did terrific.

I must say, there is something I find immensely enjoyable and satisfying about decorating small brown houses with candy and white frosting. I decorated my first gingerbread home as an adult, only a few short years ago. Lanae had our family over and we decorated for an FHE. I loved it! It's the best to take those delicious raw materials to create something whimsical and yummy. I think I am going to like Achievement Days.


George and Eva Ross said... don't remember my one feeble attempt at gingerbread houses with graham crackers and frosting when you were little. I don't blame you, they were lame!

Laurene Ross said...

This is one of our favorite Christmas traditions. I have done one every year since I can remember. I am not sure if Skip loves it , but the kids sure do! All my brothers and sisters still do it with their friends and families. We found it was allot more fun as adults, because your ideas go crazy.

meegz said...

You're going to do GREAT in that calling. I always went to the preschool and did graham cracker ones for the little kids at Christmas. We just stuck a milk carton in the middle the glued(frostined) the crackers to them. Pretty fun and messy for preschoolers.:)

Go go activity day, webelos leader!!:)