Thursday, September 4, 2008

We'll Be Loyal Scouts

I have gotten a new calling. I am the new Webelos Leader for the Durango wards. I have to admit, it is the only time I have put in for a calling. I actually asked to be the 11 yr old scout leader since Gabe is 11 (12 next month) and has never done a single thing in scouts all year. I mentioned this to the Bishop when he issued me the call and he seemed confused at how old my boys were-so I just went with it. Seth is now a Webelo but will be turning 11 in January. Seth too has done painfully little in scouting the last year. I know if I want my boys to be serious about scouting (which I do), I have to step up. I haven't been a good scouting parent, so I can't be too upset with our wards lack of Scout leadership. I have taken the boys to activities I am aware of, but I certainly haven't been knocking down anyone's door trying to find out what to do.

So last night I went to my first Scout Roundtable. It is actually held at our church which was convenient. Scouters from our whole area meet there once a month to talk Scouting. I have a great deal of respect for these Scout leaders that give up their time to try to facilitate this program for our youth. All of the people there were so helpful and anxious to help me learn what I need to do. I have considered putting my boys in the troops at school, and meeting all these leaders, I think it would have been a fine idea. Seeing their enthusiasm made me feel self conscious at the lack of interest so many LDS leaders have in their scouting pursuits. I guess I will at least have Seth for a few months before he turns 11! We'll have to make it count.


meegz said...

Interesting comments. We find this A LOT around here. Unfortuanately, the LDS scouters are often not really volunteers. Some are and do great, others don't really have the desire. It's so sad for the boys. I have gained a strong respect for Scouting in my few years as a wife. Philip is not involved with the boys as much as the volunteers are, but I've been able to volunteer both in LDS Units and out. I have seen what it does for boys and love the outcome! Garrett was in Tiger cubs last year, I was the Den Leader. Gavin will go in next month -- and here we go again. I will be the Cubmaster for the neighborhood TIger Cubs and the Cubmaster for the LDS Unit.
SO, I'm confused...if you're the Webelos Den Leader -- did you just miss your boys since they are moving on to 11 year olds?
Anyway, you'll be GREAT -- if you put your heart into it it's a HUGE calling. Enjoy preparing them to be Great Boy Scouts and great men!

Laurene Ross said...

Are you kidding, I think you will be great. You are so fun and creative. Seth is blessed to have such a intovative mom for a scout Leader.

Cathie said...

Ross! I'm the webelos leader too! We should compare notes, I just finished my first year! Some days it is great and other days it is "they blows". Get it? Not we blow, but they blow. Hee hee!