Monday, September 8, 2008

A Weird Phone Call

I got a strange phone call from Jackson's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Flanagan, this afternoon. She began by telling me that Jackson was having a good day. OK, good. She then told me that they had just come in from afternoon recess. OK, fine. She said Jackson was a little upset. Hmm, OK. Apparently, he had swallowed a spider. What? Did she just say he SWALLOWED a SPIDER?! What? OK, uh, OK. What? She asked if he had any strong reactions to spiders and reported that he was drinking lots of water. I said as far as I knew he didn't have any reaction (but I didn't state the obvious thought that as far as I knew he didn't eat spiders!). She sounded relieved and I asked to talk to Jackson.

I asked him what had happened (I wanted to be sure this wasn't a pretending game). He sadly told me that he had been looking at a "crab spider" and the wind blew really hard all of the sudden and it blew in his mouth. I asked him if he tried to spit it out, but he said the wind just blew if right to his uvula (a word he likes to use). I almost laughed but held back. I asked if he was sure it blew into his mouth and he said yes. I asked if the spider was big or small. Pretty small. What is a crab spider? You know, it looks like a crab...spider. OK. He wasn't pretending and seemed pretty sure it was in his gut.

Mrs. Flanagan got back on the phone and I asked if she could please have Jackson swallow a bird (to catch the spider). No, I didn't say that because obviously that was a really lame joke! :) I asked her to just keep an eye on him until he got on the bus. OK.

Well, he got home and seems to be just fine. He was concerned that the spider might try to come back up, but when I told him how it would exit a different way, he got wide eyed and laughed out loud. I am still not convinced that he swallowed it-I'd like to think that it flew off into the breeze. But if he did, I guess crab spiders aren't life threatening. :)

When I emailed John about it, he wrote back wondering if Jackson was climbing walls yet...


Kim H said...

OH MY! Steve often checks the family blogs while he is at work. He called me into his office today and we read this together. I was laughing SO hard I started crying!

Michelle, if I could write as descriptively and humorously as you I would have a blog.

meegz said...

I love it -- I swallowed a mosquito one time at camp. It was floating in my drink but I didn't know it until it went down -- YUCK!

Laurene Ross said...

Your kids are so funny. This is a great story. Jackson is a little character. I bet you could write for hours on him.